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Around seven and a half million people live in Catalunya and it is has one of the biggest immigrant populations in Spain. There are two co-official languages: Spanish & Catalan. Catalunya borders France to the north, Aragon to the west and the Valencian Community to the South. One of its many attractive features is the nearly 600 kilometres of beautiful Mediterranean coastline which includes the Costa Daurada in the South and the Costa Brava to the north.

Since 1979, Catalunya became an autonomous community (as did the Basque Country). The Generalitat (Catalan Parliament) holds exclusive jurisdiction in culture, environment, communications, transportation, commerce, public safety and local government, but shares jurisdiction with the Spanish government in education, health and justice – something Catalan Nationalists would like to change.

We have been asking mums in Barcelona, Sitges, Sant Cugat, Maresme, Girona and Tarragona about their experiences with kids in all sorts of areas including education & services, activities & day-trips, where they shop, where they eat as well as their favourite beaches, parks & play-areas. Please pick your region on the left-hand menu - we hope you find it useful! or alternatively you can use our quick links family guide below

For information on public healthcare in Catalunya and recommendations from local mums for Spanish medicine for your children, please do visit our Healthcare in Catalunya section. This section contains how to apply for health cards in Spain, how the Catalan health system and prescriptions work, children´s health, women´s health and recommendations from local mums for Spanish medicine for children

If you have any recommendations for any of our sections we would love to hear from you! Please do contact us


*Living in Barcelona with Kids - A Family Guide*

Pregnancy and birth in Barcelona
Pregnancy classes and support in Barcelona
Maternity services in Barcelona

Groups, activities & services for mothers, babies & toddlers in Barcelona
Mother, baby and toddler groups in Barcelona including breastfeeding groups and support
Baby and toddler activites in Barcelona including baby swimming, baby yoga, music and art groups

Services in Barcelona
Healthcare services in Barcelona including English speaking dentists and doctors, homeopaths and other alternative therapies

Activities and day-trips for kids in and around Barcelona
Activities for kids in Barcelona
Classes and courses for kids in Barcelona including creative workshops, theatre, dance and piano lessons

Parks and play-areas in Barcelona
Childrens parks and play-areas in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona
Kids clothes and shoe shops in Barcelona
Toy and book shops in Barcelona
Kids products & furniture in Barcelona
Maternity wear in Barcelona

Child-friendly cafés & restaurants in Barcelona
Child-friendly cafes and restaurants in Barcelona

Just for Mum
Courses, networking groups, health and beauty, hairdressers, and shopping for mum in Barcelona

*Living in Sitges with Kids - A Family Guide*

Pregnancy and birth in Sitges
Prenatal classes, yoga for pregnancy, English-speaking gynecologists and hospitals in Sitges

Childrens playareas and beaches in Sitges
Playgroups, parks, beaches and playcentres for children in Sitges

Child-friendly restaurants and hotels in Sitges
Eating out in Sitges with children

Activities for kids in Sitges
Baby swimming, basket ball, football, ballet, and pottery lessons for children in Sitges

Services for Children in Sitges
Babysitters, Childminders, English-Speaking Paediatricians, Dentists and Photographers in Sitges

Shops in Sitges
Toy shops, organic food shops, baby shops, childrens clothes shops and shopping centres in Sitges

*Living in Sant Cugat with Kids - A Family Guide*

Child Friendly Restaurants in Sant Cugat
Eating Out with Children in Sant Cugat

Childrens Activities in Sant Cugat
Activites for Kids in Sant Cugat including Cooking Classes, Walks, Tennis, Play Centres, Horseriding, Swimming, Theatre and Ballet Lessons

Shops for kids in Sant Cugat
Shopping for Babies and Children in Sant Cugat including Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Toy Shops and Organic Food Shops

Services for Kids in Sant Cugat
Doctors, Dentists and Paediatricians in Sant Cugat

*Living in Maresme with Kids - A Family Guide*

Activities and day-trips for kids in Maresme
Walks, water parks, paintballing, beaches, sailing and tennis lessons, biking and ballet lessons for children in Maresme

Childrens parties in Maresme
Ideas for childrens parties, catering and locations in Maresme

Child-friendly restaurants in Maresme
Eating out with kids in Maresme

Services in Maresme
Babysitters, childminders, English-speaking paediatricians, dentists, photographers and real estate in Maresme

Shops for mums & kids in Maresme
Shopping for babies and children in Maresme including clothes shops, shoe shops, toy shops and organic food shops

*Living in Girona with Kids - A Family Guide*

Pregnancy & birth in Girona
Ante natal classes, lactation consultant, pre and post natal yoga in Girona

Groups & activities for children in Girona
Swimming and horseriding for children, Kung Fu calsses and childrens yoga

Child-friendly restaurants in Girona
Eating out with kids in Girona

Shops for mums & kids in Girona
Girona clothes shops for women & children, shoe shops, baby and toddlers

Services in Girona
Babysitters, gardeners, property search, English-speaking paediatricians, dentists and photographers

*Living in Tarragona with Kids - A Family Guide*

Activities and Daytrips in Tarragona
Family Theme Parks, Porta Ventura, Aquopolis Water Park, Aqua Leon Safari Park, Boat Rides, Horseriding and Adventure Sports

Shopping for Kids in Tarragona
Toy Shops, Mother and Baby Shops, English Food, Kids and Junior Shops
Family-friendly holidays in Catalunya
Hotels, villas, rustic properties, skiiing, family-friendly restaurants, parks & play-areas

Services in Tarragona
Babysitters, Childminders, Gardeners, Property Search; English-Speaking Paediatricians, Dentists and Photographers in Girona