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Barcelona is one of the most child-friendly cities in Europe, given its numerous parks, play-areas and beaches. Whatsmore, your children will be adored by the locals. However don´t be surprised if you are told that your child is cold, even if the sun is beating down! Here we have listed everything we think you should know about Barcelona for kids, as recommended by our members, from where to shop & eat to play-groups & day-trips. We are constantly adding to all our sections and would love to hear your recommendations and comments.

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*Living in Barcelona with Kids - A Family Guide*

Pregnancy and birth in Barcelona
Pregnancy classes and support in Barcelona
Maternity services in Barcelona

Groups, activities & services for mothers, babies & toddlers in Barcelona
Mother, baby and toddler groups in Barcelona including breastfeeding groups and support
Baby and toddler activites in Barcelona including baby swimming, baby yoga, music and art groups

Services in Barcelona
Healthcare services in Barcelona including English speaking dentists and doctors, homeopaths and other alternative therapies

Activities and day-trips for kids in and around Barcelona
Activities for kids in Barcelona
Classes and courses for kids in Barcelona including creative workshops, theatre, dance and piano lessons

Parks and play-areas in Barcelona
Childrens parks and play-areas in Barcelona

Shopping in Barcelona
Kids clothes and shoe shops in Barcelona
Toy and book shops in Barcelona
Kids products & furniture in Barcelona
Maternity wear in Barcelona

Child-friendly cafés & restaurants in Barcelona
Child-friendly cafes and restaurants in Barcelona

Just for Mum
Courses, networking groups, health and beauty, hairdressers, and shopping for mum in Barcelona