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Baby & Toddler Activities

Given that many Catalan parents have no option but to put their babies & toddlers into nursery at a young age due to work commitments, some mums have told us that there are a lack of day-time activities available for little ones in Barcelona. However, if you look hard enough there are a huge range of activities available ranging from baby dance classes to dolphin shows at the Zoo. Below are our members top recommended activities for babies and toddlers in Barcelona. If you would like us to include your favourite please add your recommendation here.

  • Baby Peque Kids

    Recommended by Ana Diez de la Fuente

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    BabyPequeKids is a child-friendly centre in Barcelona for parents and children from newborn to five years, offering activities in English tailored to each developmental stage of your child. The centre is specially designed for small children: lots of natural light, a large play area with anti-bump flooring (PVC-free), great developmental toys, changing facilities, high-chairs and everything mum needs. Parents and children step into the child’s world of play where learning together is fun. At BabyPequeKids you will find internationally acclaimed activities from the UK (Baby Sensory™ and Toddler Sense™) as well as  “Kids Funtime” language programmes for children under five. They also host play sessions, baby-related talks in English, pre-natal classes, birthday parties, week-end activities…

    If you’d like to know more about Yvonne, founder of BabyPequeKids click here to read her expert interview.

    Contact: Yvonne Davidson MA Edu, BA (Hns)
    Carrer de Gelabert, 13, 08029 Barcelona
    Tel: 645 817 317

    "When I had my baby I looked for a place where she could play and be with other babies and Baby Peque Kids was the best place I found! It is extremeley clean and with lots of natural light. It is well prepared for babies with all the facilities, a huge amount of toys, equipment, books, etc., and such a friendly environment. The activities are fantasitc. I started attending Baby Sensory when she was 2 months old. Now she is walking I attend Toddler Sense and the Playtime sessions. Yvonne makes sure the age range is appropriate as well as the number of babies. My daughter and myself love spending time here." (ADF, Jan 2015)

  • Espai Musical Familiar

    Recommended by Anya van der Drift

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Music group for babies and toddlers at the Salud de Cooperativa, Calle Mozart 2, in Gracia. Mondays 10.00-11.00 for 0-9 months and 11.00-12.00 for 10 months and over. and 931650770

    "I am taking my 16-month-old to a great music class in Gracia  and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning Catalan/Spanish nursery rhymes/folk songs for and with their children. My daughter loves it (and I do too!) Itstaught by a lovely woman who speaks fluent English (although the course itself is officially in Spanish/Catalan) who has a lovely way with the children. Its very interactive and she has great resources and props to interest the children." (AV, Oct 2013)

  • Baby swimming - Sarria

    Recommended by Kathy Burns

    Specialized programs in Sarria based on the Lenoarmi method for children from just 3 weeks old. Among the activities on offer are baby swimming, baby massage and kinesthetics. It also offers several corrective activities. Open Monday to Saturday.
    Lenoarmi, Calle Dr Roux 19-21, 932038424

    "I highly recommend it. They have swimming classes from as early as when the umbilico cord falls off!  Alex started at 6 weeks old.  There are three levels of classes with plenty of hours to choose from for each level.  Level 1 is 0-1yr, level 2 is 1-2yrs and level 3 is 2-3yrs.  They also have plenty of different hours to choose from.  Each class is 45 minutes.  You can attend classes 1-5 days a week and each class is roughly 25 euros.  Its a natural water swimming pool, not chlorinated.  The classes are no more than 10 babies with only one parent swimming with their baby.  The place is somewhat small and parking is nonexistent, but the attention and quality you receive at lenoarmi is outstanding" (KB, Dec 2007)

  • Baby swimming - Holmes Place

    Recommended by Carrie Frais

    Half hour swimming classes for babies & toddlers. Limited to just two children so lots of one on one attention. Available for 2 month olds to 6 years on Saturdays. Book early as places are limited and you don´t have to be a member to attend. 
    Holmes Place, Urquinaona. Calle Ausias Marc, 9-11
    tel: 933428700

    ¨My daughter gets excited when she enters the building let alone the pool, as she knows what´s coming! I highly recommend the Holmes Place course with fantastic one to one attention and the water is really warm!" (CF, Sept 2007)

  • Baby swimming - Maritim

    Recommended by Zoe Koumbouzi

    Located close to the Olympic Port this is a popular venue for baby & toddler swimming classes. There is a good choice of times and you can take babies from three months, although you have to get your name down quickly as places are limited.
    Passeig Maritim 33
    tel: 932240440

    "I took Luca to the Passeig Maritim as it uses salt/plain water and not all those nasty chemicals!¨ (ZK, March 2008)

  • KinderMusik

    Recommended by Marisa

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Kindermusik offer baby and toddler music classes. A unique learning experience that can be adapted for any age whether your baby is a few weeks old, a few months old or 2 years old. Kindermusik offers a sensory rich environment complete with music, movement and fun to create and strengthen your babys neural pathways.

    For more information contact:
    Kindermusik with Eva Lavilla

    Tel: (+34) 645 618 192
    Artdansa studio, C/Diputación, 295
    Zentroyoga, C/Aribau 226

    Kindermusik with Monica Kruger

    Tel: 931621002 
Mob: 667848885
    Pg Valldaura 162, 7o 3a

    "Mi hija empezo kindermusik con 4 meses y medio. Le encantaban las canciones, el bailer y candor balanceaba en mis brazos. Cuando se hizo más mayor su interés por los instrumentos se hizo evidente y ahora con 2 años disfruta cantando las canciones y bailiando a la música ella sola. Con Kindermusik nos beneficiamos tambien de la educación musical temprana! Soy feliz de haber encontrado Kindermusik por que no solo tiene un effecto muy positivo en el desarollo del cerebro de mu hijo sino que tambien adquiere un amor hacia la música de por vida." (MG, Jan 2012)

  • Baby swimming - Nova Icaria

    Recommended by Rachael Fenton

    Novaicaria offers antenatal, baby and pre-school swimming courses normally lasting 3 months. You need to book your place early. 
    Avenida Icaria 167, Villa Olympica (opposite the cinema)
    tel: 932212580

  • Baby Sensory

    Recommended by Lisa Williams

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Baby Sensory at Baby Peque Kids (for 0 to 13 months with parent/caregiver) is a unique and fun baby development programme that introduces you and your baby to a rich and creative world of multisensory experiences.  Each week brings a new theme for you and baby: jungle adventure, climbing a snowy mountain, swimming at the bottom of the sea…with Baby Sensory™ songs, nursery rhymes, classical to rock-and-roll music, baby dances, peek-a-boo games, musical instruments, light shows, textures,  puppet theatre, and lots of ideas for home, while you learn how each activity helps your baby’s development. At Baby Sensory™ they also celebrate special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They have classes for babies from newborn to 6 months, and for babies up to 13 months.  When baby starts to walk you can move onto the music, movement and adventure play programme: Toddler Sense™. All classes are held at BabyPequeKids in central Barcelona.
    Contact: Yvonne Davidson MA Edu,  BA (Hns)
    Carrer de Gelabert, 13, 08029 Barcelona
    Tel: 645817317   (or

    Baby Sensory was the winner of Best Exported Activity for Children in Whatson4junior Awards 2011.

    "I started taking my baby (now a toddler) to baby sensory classes when he was 3.5 months old. we loved them - lights, music, smells, materials, textures, bubbles, puppets and lots more. Yvonne has so much material no class is ever the same. She also has some great ideas about how to use and play with household items , which proves you dont neeed expensive toys to stimulate babies. I would highly recommend these classes, and with the next one I would start even earlier." (LW, Nov 2011)

    "I highly recommend Yvonne and Baby Sensory.  I first came when my son, Harvey was 8 weeks old.  I had no idea what to expect.  I was amazed at how much Harvey enjoyed the activities, especially the visual stimulation exercises.  As a mother and healthcare practitioner I am particularly interested in the “why” behind the activities that we do.  Yvonne always explains the developmental and neurological benefits for each activity we do.  This is great.  Baby Sensory has shown me ways to play with and stimulate my baby from a very young age. From a mummy perspective, it is great too.  I’ve made so many new friends.  It is fantastic to have that community for sharing, being an expat. Thank you Yvonne." (NJ, Oct 2014)

  • MAMIfit

    Recommended by Jacqui

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    MAMIfit was founded in 2009 by Emma Soteras, a professional in the field of prenatal and postpartum fitness. In classes mothers can share experiences and similar situations with other mothers while they are accompanied by their babies and get in shape. Their philosophy is based on the simple fact that you can exercise without having to sacrifice quality time with your baby. Consult the website to find a class near you:

    "A great way to get back into shape and the best part is you dont have to leave your baby at home." (JM, Feb 2013)

  • Baby Bongo!

    Recommended by Elisenda Ferrandiz

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    A percussion and music class for toddlers and children in Barcelona in English. Explore the unique sounds of a wide variety of percussion and drum pieces while the teacher sings and plays songs on guitar and leads children and parents/caregivers through fun and interactive activities.
    Run by Stephen Hund who is originally from New York, where he also carried out Baby Bongo. Age from 1 to 4 years. There are various classes in Barcelona. Look at the website for more information on days, times and locations:

    "I just went to a fantastic music class for babies and toddlers called "BABY BONGO!" and i want to share it with all of you! The class is taught by an American music teacher that has recently moved to Barcelona from NYC where he has a music school in Times Square called Manhattan Drum Studios. There were fifteen toddlers in this group and they couldnt take their eyes off of him!! Besides teaching percussion he brings lots of shakers and percussion instruments for the babies to play with and he sings and plays guitar amazingly!" (EF, March 2011)

  • Music Together, Barcelona

    Recommended by Kyla Cameron

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Music Together is an educational music programme for children from 0-5 years.

    "My daughter started Music Together with Piero in the fall of 2013, and it was love from first class. We have just signed up for a new term and she remains enthralled with the program. From my perspective I love the music, and also that it has changed with the new term. We also love that the class includes the CD, so we can sing at home. The CDs are the music that she requests most often. I also find that I sing it when we are out and about and one of the songs has become her regular lullaby. The class combines, singing, some movement and different instrument play and my daughter would go everyday if she could. Piero is a wonderful instructor and has a very kind way with the children. I strongly recommend the program to everyone." (KC, Jan 2014)

  • naturalKIDS, espai dangles

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    NaturalKIDS, espai danglès, is a place where toddlers and young children can learn English accompanied by their parents. Sessions are fun, full of energy and a great opportunity for parents and their children to spend some quality time together while they learn English. NaturalKIDS is based in Sabadell but offers "Tallers Anglès en familia" on a weekly and monthly basis all over Barcelona. NaturalKIDS also offers the "naturalkids agents package" specially aimed at English speaking mums who love working with kids and would like to create their own job position. The package contains all the necessary (training, uniform, material) they would need to run their own business, carrying out  English sessions and workshops under the name and support of naturalKIDS.


    "Es un lugar en donde aprender inglés de manera natural y lúdica; además, también, padres e hijos pueden compartir este momento y la metodología se adapta al ritmo de cada alumno. Mi hijo de 2 años y 5 meses lleva casi un año asistiendo a clase con su padre y es increí sólo lo que ha aprendido si no lo que disfruta e integra el inglés. He asistido,además, a diversos talleres y recomiendo fervientemente el método a todas las familias: es divertido, eficaz y pedagógico." (TG, Dec 2013)

  • Peque Playtime

    Recommended by Ciara Hall

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Peque Playtime at BabyPequeKids (for 6 to 36 months with parent/caregiver) is a unique space designed for crawlers and toddlers where you and your little one can share an exciting morning/afternoon exploring and playing together. Kids and parents love the soft play area, tunnels, ball pool, building bricks, books, puzzles, tricycles, bouncers, pull-along, push-along toys, developmental toys, and imaginative world. There are also highchairs, changing facilities and everything mums need. This activity is also held at the weekend. Check the website for more information on days and times.
    Contact: Yvonne Davidson MA Edu, BA (Hns)
    Carrer de Gelabert, 13, 08029 Barcelona
    Tel: 645 817 317

    "Theo loves the opportunity to come to Playtime. It is a great, safe, clean, large open soft play area in which he loves moving around and explore. Yvonne provides a really great variety of toys and equipment for Theo to develop and interact with the other children. Every week it is slightly different so it is always like a new adventure for my son to explore." (CH, Dec 2014)

  • Toddler Sense

    Recommended by Sian Jones

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Toddler Sense™ (for 13 to 36 months with parent/caregiver) is a music, movement and adventure programme that introduces you and your toddler to the excitement of discovery and learning through play, in English. Each week brings a new theme for you and your toddler: going on safari, digging for fossils, hunting for dinosaurs, flying to the stars… First comes Adventure Play, where the children love scrambling and climbing over obstacles, crawling through tunnels, and more. Then they do structured activities; they create music, with pots and pans, shakers, rhythm sticks; they create dance with ribbons, pompoms, scarves. The possibilities for creating fun, imaginative play are infinite. At Toddler Sense™ they also celebrate special occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day. They have classes for toddlers from 13 to 18 months and 18 to 36 months and when your toddler turns 3, you can move on to the Funtime programme.  All classes are held at BabyPequeKids in central Barcelona. Look at the website for days and times. 
    Contact: Yvonne Davidson MA Edu., BA (Hns)
    Carrer de Gelabert, 13, 08029 Barcelona
    Tel: 645 817 317   (or

    "Lola started at Baby Sensory when she was 6 weeks old and now we both enjoy coming to Toddler Sense.  Both her and I look forward to it each week as a chance to play, learn, explore and grow together. The activities are creative, colourful, interactive, exploratory but above all fun!  Yvonne is always full of energy and her positivity is infectious. Aboslutely fantastic!" (SJ, Jan 2015)