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Maternity Services

Barcelonas maternity facilities range from large hospitals to smaller clinics and in medical terms, are regarded as being of a high standard. The bigger hospitals tend to operate under the social security system and the clinics under private insurance. Birthing options, however, are limited although this is beginning to change as more women are opting for a natural birth. If you would like to suggest a fertility clinic, maternity hospital or gynaecologist please do let us know by sending us your recommendations. 

  • Clinica Sagrada Familia

    Recommended by Isabelle van Ingen

    Private clinic in the centre of Barcelona. Used by Sanitas, Mapfre, Winterthur health insurance companies.
    Calle Torras y Pujalt, 11 tel: 932122300

    "My experience was perfect. Especially if you know that in Holland women give birth the natural way, without any pain killers, at home. Of course this also depends on your insurance. I would recommend every woman who wants to have kids or already has them, to take a private insurance, for yourself and the baby. There are many specialists and hardly any waiting lists." (IV, Jan 2008)

  • Clinica Corachan

    Recommended by Melissa Cokely

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    The Corachan private clinic specializes in obstetrics and paediatrics.
    Calle Buigas, 19, 932545800

    "It was fantastic! I loved my doctor (Carmen Guasch) and had a great experience here. Ive heard mixed things from a lot of moms so I feel very fortunate to have had excellent care through the whole pregnancy and birth." (MC, May 2008)

  • Home Birth - Marenostrum

    Recommended by Zoe Koumbouzi

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Marenostrum uses homeopathic medicine and is one of the few places which can help you prepare for a home birth.
    Centro de Salut C/Fontanella 16 - Pral, tel: 933022915

    "I had a fantastic homebirth with the Mare Nostrum center. Before giving birth I hadn’t heard about the fact that birth was so medicalised here, or any of the horror stories that I know now, I would have chosen homebirth in any country." (ZK, Aug 2008)
    "I would recommend to any woman who wants to give birth naturally to do it in a birth centre or at home. I would do all this again it was worth the many hours. After this I knew that in a hospital I would have had a total different experience, they would not have given me the time and the care I needed and wanted." (NS, July 2008)

    Click here to read Nicola´s experience of a homebirth with support from Marenostrum

  • Hospital del Mar

    Recommended by Jessica Mackay

    Based in Barceloneta, this is a popular choice for Maternity care. It also has a highly respected childrens A&E department.
    Hospital del Mar, Pg Maritim 25-29,  tel: 932211010

    "I have nothing but praise for the team at Hospital del Mar. I had difficult pregnancies before Moira and long stays in hospital....and they actually saved my life on one occasion - dramatic but true. The head of Obstetrics there, Dr Toni Payà is quite simply the nicest, most caring doctor I have ever met anywhere - and Elinor wouldnt be here if it wasnt for him. We had fertility treatment with the team headed by Dr Checa, and although unpleasant, their success rate is amazing" (JM, Feb 2008)

  • Hospital de La Maternitat

    Recommended by Elinor Ridler

    The Maternity Hospital is more sympathetic to women who would prefer to opt for a natural birth.
    Hospital Casa Maternidad, Calle Sabino Arana 1, tel: 932275600

    "Sarah was born at the Maternitat hospital and although I had an episiotomy and she was pulled out with forceps in the end, we felt happy with how we were treated. It was pretty slow and they didnt rush us into doing anything we didnt want: my plan to have a natural birth didnt quite work out, but it was our decision to have the epidural in the end rather than the hospital staff.  We paid about 80 euros for a room to ourselves which was worth every cent as Phil, Sarahs dad, could stay quite comfortably on a sofa bed rather than on the floor. Theres not always one free but its worth asking when you first arrive at the hospital. The only thing that I wasnt too happy with was the conflicting advice on breastfeeding and staff didnt really have time to help too much. If we have another one Id be happy to have it here, either at home or the Maternitat again." (ER, June 2008)

  • Dexeus

    Recommended by Marissa Macdonald

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    A private clinic specializing in fertility and gynaecology which comes highly recommended.
    Dexeus, Gran Via Carlos III 71-75, 932274700

    "I had to have surgery in my first trimester of pregnancy last year.  I HIGHLY recommend Dexeus and the entire OB/GYN department there.  I was treated wonderfully and couldn´t have asked for more from them." (MM, Jan 2008)

  • Gynaecologist - Dr Leila Onbargi

    Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Dr Leila Onbargi is an English speaking gyneacologist operating at Teknon.
    Calle Marquesa de Vilallonga 12, 933933161

    Does not accept many insurance policies. Best to check before arranging appointment if you are covered or whether you will have to pay privately. Excellent Doctor, who comes highly recommended by many.

    Please click here to read an interview with Dra Leila Onbargi

  • Gynaecologist - Dr Claudia Pedain

    Recommended by Karen Reiter

    Dr Claudia Pedain is a private gynaecologist at the Clinica Sagrada Familia.
    Clinica Sagrada Familia, Torras i Pujalt 11-29 (4th floor - Room 4.1), Barcelona


    "I can highly recommend her." (KR, Jan 2008)

  • Teknon Hospital

    Recommended by Ellen Menzies

    Founded in 1994, Teknon is one of the leading hospitals in Barcelona and houses many medical and surgical specialists for adults and children alike. Many of the Doctors working at Teknon are international such as highly recommended gynecologist Dra Leila Onbargi and paediatrician Doctor Faust.
    Centro Médico Teknon. C / Vilana, 12. 08022 Barcelona
    tel: 932906262 email:

    "We just had a baby at the Teknon hospital and I just wanted to share that the post-natal-care there is very good. They have what they call a "nurseri" with specialized nurses. Their care for the babies is excellent and they are a huge help and encouragment to breast feeding moms and their partners." (EM, March 2008)

  • Doula - Vicky González

    Recommended by chriz van de graaf

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Doula Vicky González is based in Barcelona and works in the whole province of Barcelona. She is mother of 3 children.  She is very respectful and empathizes with every woman and her family in their own reality and makes the perfect partner in any stage of maternity.  She speaks fluent English, French (her husband is french), Spanish and Catalan.
    Tel 687.98.69.13

    "Vicky is the best thing that could happen to us After the birth of our first daughter Keet we searched for a doula. We decided to choose for Vicky, because she is warm, well-grounded, caring, thoughtful, English speaking and above all very professional. Most doulas are the spiritual yoga type of people. Vicky is down to earth and very practical. “I’ll do what your mum would do for you”, she told us. And that’s what she did, and much, much more. Vicky showed us how to take care of a newborn baby. She helped us with breastfeeding and shared her practical and medical knowledge and experience with us. Thanks to her, we learned quickly how to take of our baby. That gave us much more time for the enjoyment of Keet, without worries. We are Vicky grateful for that. I wish all new parents to have their own ‘Vicky’. And if you look for a doula, I advise you to give ‘the real Vicky’." (CVDG, April 2012)

    "Vicky is THE person you want next to you during pregnancy, giving birth and the weeks afterwards! No one of my family or friends could reassure me or to give me as good advices as Vicky. She always has the good contact, the good advice, the good idea to make things easier when you feel everything so new and complicated!" (Melissa Bonneton)

  • English-speaking midwife - Krishinda Powers Duff

    Recommended by Esther Jones

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Krishinda is a British midwife living and working in Barcelona. She provides all midwifery care for mothers living in Barcelona. She does home birth and work in the Hospital de Barcelona supporting two  Obstetricians. She also works with Marenostrum centre de familiar salud in a team of 2 other British trained midwives, which provides antenatal and post natal care for up to 6 weeks after birth. On the last Friday of every month she runs an English speaking mothers group for mums and mums to be please see link:
    She also runs a birth trauma group for both English and Spanish speaking women called The Red Tent  and an ante and postnatal massage clinic at Marenostrum.

    "Krishinda was our midwife and she was absolutely wonderful. She was very intuitive during the birth and totally in tune with my needs. She was also always calm and relaxed with total confidence in me, baby and the birthing process. After the birth she was in frequent touch and I felt very nurtured by her and her team." (EJ, Aug 2012)

    "For our second baby we´d decided to do the dilatation at home with Krish and dash to hospital for the birth. in the months preceding Krish came to our house and gave me wonderful relaxing massages (and coach my husband) and she helped allay my fears (first homebirth didn´t go accoding to plan) and really helped my husband and i clarify what we really wanted from her and from each other for this baby´s birth. My 3 year old fell head over heals in love with her from the start too, which helped enormously for all visits. On the night of due date my waters broke but 12 hours later still no contractions, so an induction was scheduled to my dismay. However, knowing we had Krishinda with us, the gynocologist gave us a wider window for things to kick off naturally than if we´d been alone. Krish helped us keep calm and that night Krish came to give me a massage - then 2 hours later our baby girl was with us, born at home with much joy! Having Krishinda´s loving wise presence gave me the peace of mind to relax and let go, knowing that she would take charge if needs be, but that she thoroughly trusted me to birth as nature intended. Krish encoraged my husband to take the role we wanted, while she remained inobtrusive and when the contractions were really intense she came and pressed my back in such a way that the pain just disappeared. Her after care, both at home and at Marenostrum, was so kind and gentle too, and i felt comfortable that i wasn´t bothering her if i needed to call and ask about any concerns - i wasn´t used to having such an easy, sleeping baby! With Krish´s knowldge and experience i knew that if she wasn´t worried, i had nothing to worry about. I´m convinced that having had such a quick, joyous, healing birth, and a subseqently happy post partum with a chilled baby is in large part down to Krishinda." (Becca Ellis, Aug 2012)

    "She gave us nothing but premium and top quality care. She is extreamily professional,caring,understanding and supportive. She is everything a midwife should be! I moved to Spain when I was 20 weeks pregnant. She put me at ease and cared for me as if she knew me all my life.She went above and beyond her job description! I am lucky and honored to have had her deliver my second son.She adapted to our needs as a family. She gives her all when she cares for you, she truly is an outstanding person!! I think god broke the mold after he made Krishinda, she is one in a million with a heart the size of Spain!" (Ashling, David, Ronin and Jake)

    "I had 6 sessions with Krishinda after having a c section last December. She came to the hospital to see me and later at home and I am sure if she hadnt have helped me my breastfeeding experience wouldnt have been so successful. I feel very lucky to have had Krishinda around those first days, it was a very special time now that I look back. She has a way that puts you at ease and gives you confidence in yourself as a new mum. I can imagine that she would be an amazing person to have around at a birth. I wouldnt hesitate in recomending her to anyone" (Evonne)