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Costa Blanca & Valencia

Costa Blanca & Valencia

We have been asking mums in Torrevieja, Benidorm, Javea and Alicante about their experiences living in the Costa Blanca with children from pregnancy through to teenage years in all sorts of areas including prenatal classes, nurseries and schools, activities & day-trips, where they shop, where they eat as well as their favourite beaches, parks & play-areas. Everything listed in these sections has been recommended by a local mum, many of whom have also added their comments.

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*Living in Torrevieja with Kids - A Family Guide*

Pregnancy in Torrevieja
Maternity Hospitals and Natural Birthing Centres in and around Torrevieja

Playareas and Beaches in Torrevieja
Indoor Play Centres, Soft Play Areas, Ball Parks and Beaches in Torrevieja

Groups for Babies & toddlers in Torrevieja
Mother and Toddler Groups, Baby Groups and Sunday School in Torrevieja

Activities for Kids in Torrevieja
Horseriding, Music, Football, Dance, Karate and Performing Arts for Children in Torrevieja

Services for Kids in Torrevieja
Party Venues, Nannies, Party Entertainers, Photography and Bouncy Castle Rental in Torrevieja

Shops for Children in Torrevieja
Clothes Shops, Toy Shops, Shopping Centres, Cots and Buggies in Torrevieja

Child-friendly restaurants, bars and cafes in Torrevieja
Where to eat with kids in Torrevieja

*Living in Benidorm with Kids - A Family Guide*

Pregnancy in Benidorm
Natural Birthing centres, Maternity Hospitals, English-Speaking Gynecologists, IVF Treatment

Childrens Play Areas in Benidorm
Colores Childrens Play Centre and Beaches for Kids in Benidorm

Activities and Groups for Kids in and around Benidorm
Rugby for Kids, Groups for Mums, Tots and Pregnant Ladies, Football for Kids

Services for Kids in Benidorm
English Library, Party Goods, English Speaking Doctors

Childrens Shops in Benidorm
Toy Shops, Kids Clothes Shops and British Supermarket in Benidorm

Child-Friendly Restaurants and Bars in Benidorm
Child-Friendly Cafes, Restaurants and Bars in Benidorm

*Living in Alicante with Kids - A Family Guide*

Pregnancy in Alicante

Yoga for Pregnant Women, Natural Birthing Centre, Hospitals and Gynecologists in Alicante

Parks and Play Areas
Child-Friendly Parks and Beaches in Alicante

Activities for Kids
Sailing Lessons, Yoga for Children, English Cinema in Alicante

Services for Kids in Alicante
Birthday Parties, Bouncy Castles, English-Speaking Doctors, Hospitals in Alicante

Shops for Kids in Alicante
Toy Shops, Childrens Clothes, Products for Newborns and Toddlers in Alicante

Child Friendly Restaurants in Alicante
Where to Eat with Kids in Alicante

 *Living in Javea with Kids - A Family Guide*

Pregnancy in Javea
Prenatal Swimming, Natural Births, English Midwives, Pregancy Check Ups in English, Maternity Hospitals in Javea

Groups for Babies and Toddlers in Javea
Mother and Toddler Groups, Social Groups for Mums, Tots and Babies, Playgroups in Javea

Activities for Kids in Javea
Swimming Classes, Tennis Classes, Horseriding, Football, Dance and Crafts for Kids in Javea

Parks and Playareas in Javea
Play Centres, Parks and Beaches for Children in Javea

Services for Kids in Javea
Birthday Party Locations, Babysitting, English Speaking Doctors and Dentists, English Tuition and Party Entertainers in Javea

Shops for Mums & kids in Javea
Baby Equipment including Pushchairs, Highchairs, Cots, Baby and Kid´s Clothing, Children´s Furniture, Toys and English Books in Javea

Child-Friendly Restaurants in Javea
Eating Out with Kids in Javea