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Costa Blanca & Valencia

Pregnancy & Birth

We are currently developing this section. If you would like to recommend a local gynaecologist, doula or mid-wife or know of pre-natal or post-natal classes in your area please do let us know.

  • Hospital Denia Marina Salud

    Recommended by Sara Kinge

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    This warm and friendly clinic offers all pre/postnatal care and childbirth facilities.énia-Marina-Salud

    "The facilities are good as a private hospital. Natural childbirth is promoted but epidurals are available, There is no gas and air or other pain relief available. There are plenty of experienced and caring staff. Once you have given birth you are given your own private room on the maternity ward which are spacious and air conditioned. You also have your own private en-suite bathroom. The room is well equipped with ample room for you, baby and guests. There is a sofa bed so daddy can stay too! For further information visit the hospital or speak to your midwife at your local clinic. The hospital facilities are available to anyone with a valid SIP card please remember that there is no guarantee the staff will speak English." (SK, Sep 2010)

    "It's a fab hospital, it's the luck of the drawer really if some staff speak a little English."

    "I had an emergency c section 6 weeks early and they were amazing and saved my daughter's life. The midwife spoke to me in English but I think that was because it was so quick and stressful! After care was amazing but mostly in Spanish but when I was unsure some doctors and nurses tried to speak English. I cant praise them enough."

    "I gave birth 3 times in Denia Hospital since 2010 and they are all amazing... All of my births were fantastic. I can only say it's a great hospital with an awesome maternity section." (Javea Mums, Oct 2015)

  • Prenatal Swimming

    Recommended by Georgina Bambrook

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    Jorge Sánchez offers prenatal swimming classes for pregnant women in private pools throughout the summer months. Contact Jorge directly for more details.
    Tel: 654143490

  • El Centro Médico Acuario, Beniarbeig

    Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Located in the village of Beniarbeig, not far from Denia, the maternity unit of the Centro Médico Acuario offer facilities which are unique in Spain including two birthing rooms with special beds, baths and monitoring equipment and a third in a self-contained facility with its own bedroom and kitchen. The common aim for Acuario professionals is to offer a high quality service based on a humanistic approach to medicine. 
    Avda. Vergel, 11 - 03778 - Beniarbeig

    "This centre comes highly recommended in Spain and offers women the chance to have a natural birth (this is not usual here). If any problems were to arise there is specialist medical and technical equipment on hand. The centre offers antenatal classes even for people who do not plan on giving birth there."

  • Judy Cadogan - English Midwife

    Recommended by Sara Kinge

    Judi Cadogan was living in Javea but is now working as a midwife in the UK. She is happy to answer any questions you might have about giving birth in Spain. You can contact her by email:
    "She is a fully qualified midwife with lots of experience. She is extremely kind and very honest!" (SK, Sep 2010)

  • Dawn Blythe - British Midwife

    Recommended by Dan

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Dawn Blythe is a British Midwife who has spent over 25 years caring for mothers and babies in ex-patriate communities. Dawn relocated to Spain in 1996 and having fulfilled the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science in Madrid, registered with the Colegio de Enfermeria Alicante. Dawn resides in Altea with her partner and daughter. She is now the co-owner and Director of the Family Medical Centre in Albir. Dawn provides maternity care exclusively to the patients of the Family Medical Centre.

    Midwifery Services: 
    Pre-natal Care
    Preparation for Labour Course
    Breathing / Relaxation Techniques
    Post-natal Care
    Help with breast feeding difficulties
    Baby developmental checks

    Avenida de L´Albir, 66, Albir 03581, Alicante

    "Dawn worked with us during my partner's first pregnancy. Dawn's reputation preceded her, prompting us to move from Madrid to be nearby for our pregnancy. The prospect of having our baby in a foreign country would have been truly daunting without Dawn's overwhelmingly caring personality and highly professional style. During our regular appointments we received the highest standard of care to Mummy and Baby's wellbeing! (thankfully also to Dad's!!!) My partner had a planned C-Section yet Dawn was thorough in training us as to the ways of labour and what to expect in that eventuality.  It was obvious from the start that Dawn really cares and is always happy to offer any advice 24-7, no matter how simple. On baby day Dawn was with us for the entire day and offered us support on how to cope with all baby matters. We look back and cannot fault any of Dawn's treatment, to that end we definitely made a very good move! We are proud to know Dawn as a true professional and now as a very dear friend. We would recommend Dawn and all the staff at the new Medical Centre in Albir to anyone!" (Dan, Oct 2015)

  • Gynaecologist - Dr Walter van Harmelen

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    Dr Walter van Harmelen is a Dutch gynaecologist who has been living and working in the Coasta Blanca 2008. He works in all fields of fertility treatment, obstetrics and gynaecology. He speaks Spanish, English, German and Dutch. Dr van Harmelen works in conjunction with Clinica Moraira, Centre Albir and Clinica La Plaza (Jávea).

    His services include:
    - 4D ultrasound is available to make the first movie of your baby on USB-stick
    - Amniotic fluid punction and pre-implantation are possibilities to prevent genetic diseases in the unborn. 
    - Pregnancy checkups. During pregnancy different tests will be done. Blood pressure measurements, blood and or urine tests and ultrasound investigations. Most private health insurance companies will cover up to 11 consultations in pregnancy. 
    - Screening. Different test at different moments in pregnancy are available to asses the risk of inborn errors of your baby. To decide with test one wants to perform it is important to consider the a priori chance (up ahead) and to think about possible consequences if a test gives one a elevated risk
    - Ultrasound is a safe investigation during pregnancy. Most private health insurances will pay for a regular ultrasound between 11-12 weeks and 32-36 weeks.
    - Delivery plan. To address the expectations on the delivery a delivery plan will be discusses at 36 weeks of gestation.

  • IREMA Fertility Clinic

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    IREMA offers a comprehensive service for the diagnosis and specific treatment of infertility and sterility problems. They offer the latest technology and the most advanced assisted human reproduction procedures. It is their primary aim to offer the best possible results. At IREMA, they have an excellent experienced and skilled medical team with great experience in all fields, including gynaecology, reproductive biology, andrology and lab and nursing staff. IREMA has Oocyte, Embryo and Sperm bank services, IVF laboratory and Sperm Capacitation Laboratory, all equipped with the latest technology available. The clinic has official authorisation from the Health Ministry and is also ISO 9001 certified. 
    Avda. Vergel 10, 03778 Beniarbeig, Alicante
    Tel. (+34) 96 576 6222

  • Aqua Natalis, Denia

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    Ana Maria Vico Arrabal and Vanessa Fontaneda, both midwives with more than 1000 deliveries between them have introduced a revolutionary system in childbirth preparation - AQUANATALIS (AIPAP method) - to help you give birth in the best physical and mental condition possible. Pelvic underwater training (AIPAP) is a course of 10 sessions of 50 minutes in the pool. This sessions focus on four main areas (aerobic training, strength, elasticity and respiratory coordination).