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Healthcare is a key concern for any parent when living or moving abroad and getting to grips with a new system can sometimes be confusing however well you speak a language. MumAbroad has devised a healthcare section which aims to help Mums & Dads familiarize themselves with the system from the way it is structured to interviews with Healthcare Professionals. Please use the left-hand navigation bar or choose a section from those listed below.


*Birth, Pregnancy, Infertility and Adoption*
Birth stories in Spain; Home birth in Spain; Getting Pregnant in Spain, IVF in Spain; egg donation in Spain; Adoption in Spain

*Public Health Service*
Structure of the Public Health service in Spain; CAP; Applying for Medical cards in Spain; Getting Prescriptions in Spain

*Children`s Health*
Childrens healthcare in Spain; Vaccinations for children in Spain; Paediatricians in Spain; Childhood allergies in Spain; Chiropractic for children in Spain

*Womens health*
Cervical smear tests in Spain; Breast cancer in Spain: Mammographies in Spain

*Your recommendations*
Conventional Medecines for children in Spain; alternative medicine for children in Spain; Homeopathic remedies for children in Spain

  • Public Health Service

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    Spains healthcare is generally regarded as good. Each region takes individual responsibility of their health budget, with central government only controlling overall budgets. The Spanish  Health System offers primary health care services (family/GP services, paediatrics and nursing, with midwives, physiotherapists and social workers) and combines public and private healthcare. Those who pay social security receive free or low cost health care. Many doctors and nurses speak English and most hospitals and clinics in tourist areas provide interpreters. However, as the country is split into different regions, availability of services does vary, which means you could need to travel to a different area for treatment if the facilities are not available locally.

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  • Mens Health

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    We are currently developing this section to incorporate articles on mens health such as prostate and testicular cancer as well as other relevant men`s health issues.

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  • Your recommendations

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    Mums are always interested in others recommendations for childrens medicines. Here we are listing what Spanish prescription and over-the-counter medecines and homeopathic remedies have worked for our members. Please do help us expand this section by sending us your suggestions

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  • Women’s Health


    This section outlines health issues associated with women aside from pregnancy and birth. For more information on the latter, please visit our pregnancy and birth section


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  • Birth, Pregnancy, Infertility and Adoption

    This section is dedicated to your stories and interviews with experts on birth, pregnancy, infertility and adoption, all of which are very emotive subjects. If you have a story you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us. Many of the women have not used their real names.

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  • Childrens Health

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  • Travel and Health

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    The articles in our Travel and Health Section have been kindly provided by Bupa International. 

    Bupa International is a leader in international health insurance for Expatriates. Their customers have access to more than 7,500 facilities worldwide and they serve 800,000 customers spread across 190 countries. They can offer direct settlement with Bupa recognised facilities in order to take the hassle of reimbursement away from you.

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