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All CAPs have paediatricians to care for your children up to the age of 14. From this age on they depend upon the general practitioner.
You will be given a Helath Record Book in the hospital where your child is born. In it the doctor will record the most important details of the birth. Afterwards the paediatrician will record the details of his / her development.

  • Vaccinations

    Vaccination record
    The city council will send you a vaccination record. The paediatrician will note in it all the vaccinations your child receives. When it is full you should send it off by post. This document is very important as you will need it when your children begin school.
    If you child was not born here, you will have to explain to the paediatrician which vaccinations he / she has received in the country of his birth, and if he / she is missing any, the paediatrician will administer them. All vaccinations are free.

    Your paediatrician will provide you with a list and a timetable of vaccinations for your child but they should follow the below guidelines.

    Two Months
    DTP, IPV, HBV, Hib, MCC

    Four Months
    DTP, IPV, HBV, Hib, MCC

    Six Months
    DTP, IPV, HBV, Hib, MCC
    Fifteen Months
    Eighteen Months
    DTP, IPV, Hib

    Four Years
    Four - Six Years
    DTP, IPV
    Fourteen - Sixteen Years (and every ten years)

    DTP : Diphtheria, acellular whooping cough, tetanus.
    IPV : Inactivated Polio.
    HBV : Hepatitis B.
    Hib : Haemophilus influenzae b.
    MCC : Meningococcal C conjugate.
    MMR : Measles, mumps, rubella.
    Td : Tetanus and Diphtheria, adult type.

    Please do read the article Questioning Vaccines - Barcelona Metropolitan February 2008 (by Zoe Koumbouzi) for more information