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Prevention can save your life

The breasts are the symbol of a woman’s femininity, a crucial part of her sexuality and a bond between mother and child during maternity. But breasts are also the female organs that generate the highest incidence of cancer among women. Hence our interest in making it widely known that early detection is the only way to achieve the highest number of cures using the least aggressive treatments.

The following article has been provided by Medilink, a FREE health advise and guidance service that enables all expats in Spain to access qualified staff for any enquiry they have in relation to health.

  • The mammogram is undoubtedly the most effective method of cancer screening (the method used for early detection of the disease). It can detect 35% to 45% of tumors smaller than 1 cm, when we cannot yet feel them. However, this test is less sensitive on women younger than 40 due to the higher density of the breast tissue at a younger age. Therefore, it is important that women under 40 assess their family-related risks. For example, whether they have any direct relatives with breast cancer in the family or whether they have ever had a breast disease, to ascertain which check-ups are needed. In these cases, a complementary ultrasound can diagnose small hidden abnormalities that the mammogram is unable to detect.
    And we must not forget the importance of breast self-examination. All women should be familiar with their own breasts and the changes that occur during the monthly cycle, so they can make an appointment with a gynaecologist if they detect anything unusual. Finally, a clinical breast examination should be part of an annual gynaecological check-up, together with the smear test.
    Non-aggressive and cost-effective methods are available today for the early diagnosis of breast diseases. Don’t forget that prevention starts with you.
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