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Your recommendations

Mums are always interested in others recommendations for childrens medicines. Here we are listing what Spanish prescription and over-the-counter medecines and homeopathic remedies have worked for our members. Please do help us expand this section by sending us your suggestions

  • Arsenicum Alb

    Recommended by Zoe Holden

    Homeopathic remedy used when child is very chilly with shivering. Burning, watery nasal discharge alternating with dryness. Frequent sneezing without relief. Nostrils become sore and red and nose feels blocked alternating with watery discharge. Worse: change of temperature, cold, damp and after midnight. Better: heat and warm applications, hot drinks.

  • Gelsemium

    Recommended by Zoe Holden

    The number 1 homeopathic remedy for flu. Dull, sluggish with heavy looking eyes and dull headache. Chills and shivering up and down the spine. Aching muscles in limbs and back. Burning throat. Colds and flu usually comes on gradually. Worse cold, damp weather.

  • Nux Vomica

    Recommended by Zoe Holden

    Homeopathic remedy for colds and flu when child has extreme chilliness and just cannot get warm. Blocked up nose at night, runs during the day or much sneezing alternating with blocked nose. Sore or raw throat and teeth may ache. Thirsty and Irritable. Worse: early morning, eating, cold air. Better: heat, lying down, sleep

  • Pulsatilla

    Recommended by Zoe Holden

    Homeopathic remedy when child is chilly even in a warm room, nasal catarrh, bland and thick. Dry mouth with no thirst. Painful headache with changing, shifting symptoms. Feels chilly but wants the window open. Want company, children are very clingy. Worse in a warm room, after lying down. Better: in the open air.

  • Bepanthol

    Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

    "Great for grazes and irritated skin - Oliver fell over on a carpet and got a horrid carpet burn on his forehead (ouch!) - a couple of applications of Bepanthol cream and it was gone!" (RL)

  • GraviGil - Prenatal Tablets

    "My gynaecologist recommended I take GraviGil, which is basically a food supplement tablet with added vitamins and minerals when I was pregnant. Its particularly high in Iron, Zinc and Vitamins B & D. It does cost around 12 euros for a 30 days supply though :) " (MM)

  • Aconite

    Recommended by Zoe Holden

    The Number One homeopathic remedy for nipping colds in the bud. Useful in the early stages of colds, fevers and sore throats. Flu starts suddenly often after exposure to cold. Much sneezing with pain at root of nose. Dry mucous membranes. Worse: evening or night and for touch. Better: fresh air and rest.  

  • Rhus Tox

    Recommended by Zoe Holden

    Homeopathic remedy when child is very restless with aching in all muscles and stiffness. Just cannot get comfortable. Heat alternating with chills, pain in head and eyes with red face. Worse: night, first movement. Better: warmth

  • Arnica Gel/Cream

    Recommended by Chantal Ducoeurjoly

    "I use Arnica for bumps & bruises - it really works!" (CD)
    Arnica can be found at most homeopaths and some pharmacies. It is also used for treating trauma

  • Junifen

    Recommended by Aya Ichinose

    "Junifen is recommended by my daughters pediatrist when she has high fever. Its 2% ibuprophen suspension. I use this and Apiretal alternatively, but my daughter prefers this because it tastes better."

  • Thyme (for coughs)

    Recommended by Connie Galle

    "Heat up 250ml of water with thyme and leave it until you have a thyme tea. Take out the thyme and boil the thyme tea with half a chopped onion for 10 minutes. Take out the onion and add a table spoon of honey. I know it sounds gross but they like it and it works! 5 teaspoons a day. Keep in the fridge!" (CG)

  • Apiretal

    Recommended by Sarah Reed

    "When Max was ill, he was perscribed Apiretal gotas/drops which is a baby/kids paracetamol to bring down temperature" (SR)

  • Flumil

    Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

    "Oliver had a cough and cold, which he couldn´t shake for four months. I went to my local doctor and she suggested antibiotics but I was really reluctant to give them so went for a second opinion. The other doctor suggested trying Flumil (which is a syrupy medicine to relieve phlegm) and it all cleared up in a few days giving us back our nights sleep! " (RL)

  • Dalsy

    Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

    "Dalsy is a liquid ibuprofen and an absolute life saver when Oliver was getting his molars!!" (RL)

  • Champu Espuma Lactea

    Recommended by Amy Hopwood

    "For Cradle Cap we used this great mouse shampoo which worked much better than any of the English brands" (AH)

  • Chamomile Tea (for conjunctivitus)

    Recommended by Faye Doran

    "You make the tea as normal. then when cool soak some cotton wool into the tea & wipe the eyes with the tea (a few times a day). Alice had a bad case last week & within two days of using the camomile tea it had completely cleared - wonder stuff" (FD)

  • Calendula Cream (for wounds)

    Recommended by Connie Galle

    "Calendula cream or essence has to be mixed with water" (CG)

  • Stodal Cough Medecine

    Recommended by Faye Doran

    "It works really well at clearing chesty coughs, colds. It was orginally prescribed for Millie by Dr Garcia. Stodal can be purchased over the counter (I think its around 9.50€ a bottle)" (FD)

  • Bach Flowers

    Recommended by Chantal Ducoeurjoly

    Alternative remedy (such as Rescue Remedy) is very popular for treating pregnant women and children. Make sure you pick out formulas which contain no alcohol when treating children
    For more information contact Marta Corominas 635514947 or Eva Perez 696667131

  • Cristalmina

    Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

    "Antiseptic solution for kids - comes in individual sachets that you can keep in your handbag for all those cuts and grazes!" (RL)

  • Euphrasia

    Recommended by Lorena Galvani

    "Euphrasia is a homeopathic remedy which was recommended to us by a doula when little Maia was born. It helped clear up her sticky eyes" (LG)

  • Chamodent

    Recommended by Val Rodgers

    "Available in all the pharmacies, this is a homeopathic remedy for teething. They are little tablets which you dissolve on a teaspoon with water and babies can take up to every hour when the pain is really bad. They do help and you can also give them to your kids to calm them down in other situations such as after a fall or temper tantrum!" (VR)

  • ExpectoDHU jarabe homeopático

    Recommended by Carrie Frais

    "Poppy had been waking up with a cough for months and none of the traditional medecines seemed to make any difference. The paediatrician (who was unusually against anti-biotics) suggested a homeopathic remedy called ExpectoDHU which you give to your child every time he/she coughs. The very first time I used it, Poppy slept through the night without waking herself up for the first time in ages!" (CF)

  • Estilsona Gotas

    Recommended by Rachael West

    "If your baby wakes up at night sounding so hoarse or with a cough that makes you worried hes actually having trouble breathing (kind of like a whopping cough), just grab some Estilsona and follow instructions for number of drops per KG. Make double sure you read the instructions properly as this is quite strong stuff, but according to my paediatrician totally necessary when a baby "loses his voice" because it is much more dangerous than an adult losing theirs (they can have serious trouble gasping for air particularly as they tend to cry at the same time). It works almost immediately (within an hour?)." (RW)

  • Leche sin lactosa

    Recommended by Rachael West

    "Not a medication but totally necessary when your baby has diarroea and mustnt drink milk, they can have as much non-lactose milk as they want." (RW)

  • Acthitiol Antihistaminico

    Recommended by Rachael West

    "Great for chesty congestion with or without cough" (RW)

  • Tiorfan para lactantes (10mg)

    Recommended by Rachael West

    "Brilliant for diarroea if you can get them to drink it (I rarely could!)" (RW)

  • Glicerina Vilardell

    Recommended by Amy Hopwood

    "For serious constipation we used Supositorios De Glicerina Vilardell - Lactantes which you can buy over the counter at chemist and they are very affective" (AH)

  • Eryplast Pasta al agua ( skin rash)

    Recommended by Carolin Munter

    For skin irritations. Very good for delicate skin.

  • Pasta Lassar ( skin irritations)

    Recommended by Carolin Munter

    Contains Zinc Oxide. Good for skin rashes.

  • Actimel - Flu prevention

    Recommended by Tania Lopes

    "One Actimel daily for flu prevention. Its been proven to work." (TL)

  • Cinfamucol ( Chesty Cough)

    Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

    Cinfamucol 50mg/ml solución oral

    "My daughter has had a chesty cough for the last week or so and its been keeping us up at night. I bought some Cinfamucol from the chemist and it immediately made a difference. It has stopped her coughing for the last couple of hours. Its in liquid format and they only need a tiny bit." (RL)

  • Propolis ( homeopathic remedy)

    Recommended by Lucila Blanco Sheridan

    Natural medicine practitioners use propolis for the relief of various conditions, including inflammations, viral diseases, ulcers, superficial burns or scalds.

    "I use...ecchinacea, propolis, and homepathic remedies when my doctor recommend (sic) it."

  • Echinacea

    Recommended by Lucila Blanco Sheridan

    Popularly believed to ward off infections. Note: not recommended for under 12s.

    "I use... ecchinacea... and homepathic remedies when my doctor recommend it." (sic) (LBS)

  • Weleda Nappy Cream

    Recommended by Rebecca Laidlaw

    Absolutely fantastic nappy cream for babies through to toddlers