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  • Business start-up expert Javier Garcia of Sanchez Molina Abogados

    "The main challenges that an expat faces in Barcelona are basically getting used to a completely different taxation regime. From the feedback I receive from all our expat clients, they are used to a more flexible taxation regime with less bureaucratic processes. That is also what makes their life very difficult in the early stages. But once the first quarter of activity has elapsed, and the new system gets more familiar to them Id say they really realize that the business is located in a different country and therefore assume that there is no choice other than live with this new and sometimes complex taxation regime in order to get used to it as soon as possible and get the maximum benefits from it." (JG, Aug 2009)

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  • Life Coach Chantal Ducoeurjoly

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    "In essence, every parent is a coach and it is our job to find out how we can help our children improve in particular areas where growth
    is needed. Using the RESPECT model helps us focus on the necessary areas for growth:
    R- Reassuring - reassure your child and help them believe they can do it
    E- Enthusiastic - parental enthusiasm is infectious...give lots of it!
    S- Steady - patience and perseverence
    P- Practical - ¨let´s try this again and see what happens...¨
    E- Engaging - Show your child how to do it first and then let them try it.
    C- Clear - clearly explain what is expected of your child or how they can do it better- this works wonders!
    T- Truthful - honesty is important ¨you seem to kick better with your right foot then your we should practise kicking more with the left¨ 
    (CD, Feb 2009)

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  • Celebrity hairdresser Anthony Llobet

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    "With age you need to be lifting the colour of your hair. Especially around the face. You cant be tinting your hair the same colour as you had when you were 20. Its very aging to see a colour that is too dark on a woman. Some women decide to leave the grey hairs. They have seen somebody that looked great with them but I can guarantee that person had more than 80% grey. Under that amount it just ages the woman.  I think if you still have more darker hair than grey dont try it. It will put 10 years on you." (AL, Jan 2013)

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  • Personal shoppers Lisa & Niki

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    "Barcelona is fast becoming one of the most interesting design cities in Europe rivaling London and Paris, it has the right mixture of high end design, independent boutiques, showrooms, concept stores and ateliers. It is a creative city with a strong heritage of craft that is being nurtured. Shopping trends are focusing towards quality in well designed products and Barcelona is becoming an important platform in offering this. When we visit a city we want to find things that are unique to that place and that is what Barcelona can offer." (Nov 2012)

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  • Stop Smoking Doctor - Alice Byram

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    "Children who are exposed to smoke are more prone to asthma, ear nose and throat infections. Higher rates of cot deaths are also recorded in smoky homes. Now there is talk of third hand smoke exposure which suggests that the residues of smoke on clothes and walls may also be toxic. Just think of the yellowing walls of a smoker´s living room. So saying you only smoke on the balcony is not valid. That goes for smoking in cars too, a recent study showed that the message about having smoke-free cars isn´t getting through. Something else parents often don´t think about is that children in a smoky home do less well at reading and reasoning skills compared to children in smoke-free homes, even at low levels of smoke exposure. And of course, every parent knows children do as they see and not as they are told, children of smokers grow up to become smokers themselves" (AB, June 2011)

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  • Personal Coach Amanda Wilby

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    "Giving birth and raising a family is a huge time of transition and change. Living abroad can add to the challenge significantly, especially if you have enjoyed a close personal support network at home. The idea of birthing abroad can seem quite scary and fear is the last thing you need in the birthing suite! For a great experience with birthing and parenting it is important to understand what your parent values are and how to work from those values. These values help you make the right decisions for you and your family. People are concerned, in particular, about whether to send their children to the local school or to an international school, or whether to live in the areas where the expats congregate or have a more local experience. They are big decisions. One of the key issues is that there are often so many decisions to be taken within a small time frame, it can be overwhelming, and this is where working with us can really add value." (AW, April 2013)

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  • Aupair Agency - Smart Aupairs

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    "It is really important that expectations from both sides have been discussed in detail before the au pair arrives. We supply families with an agreement template and handbook guide to prepare for their au pair’s arrival so that everything should be clear in advance. It’s also a good idea to have a weekly meeting with your au pair once the children are in bed to see how things are going. This gives you the opportunity to discuss the previous week and plan for the week ahead. Good communication really is the key to a successful au pair placement." (CR, Sept 2013)

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  • Online therapist Caroline Macrory

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    "People write to us for a whole range of reasons. Some have on-going problems in their lives, some suffer from depression or anxiety; some may have one particular issue that they are struggling with. Some write to us on a weekly basis, while others feel that just once is enough to get them back on track.
    We are able to share our thoughts and insights, although the main focus of our service is helping the client (who knows themselves best) to find the answers and approaches they need to make real, long-lasting improvements in their life."

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