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We are currently developing this section on the personal life experiences of some of our readers. If you have had an experience, positive or negative, which you feel you would like to share, which may help other women going through a similar situation, please do get in contact with us by sending an email to

  • Roxane who has a daughter with Downs Syndrome

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    "Nothing come close (anywhere) to the HUMANITY I found in Spain despite the evident absence of support for low income parents who are professionally affected by the presence of an handicapped child in their life." (RB, Nov 2013)

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  • Nicola Scheiring on natural birth in Barcelona

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    "When we found out that I was pregnant, the first thing I did was finding out in which hospital there is the possibility to have a natural birth. This was my priority. I asked my local friends which hospital to go to. When I was seven weeks pregnant we visited the hospital “Maternidad” which has the protocol of natural birth. They told me to find out through my midwife from the CAP where I am supposed to give birth. This visit made it clear that I don’t want to give birth in a basement, with people who do not seem to care about you. Almost the whole pre birth check-ups I did with the midwife and gynaecologist from the CAP, they were friendly, but I never felt understood about my wish to give birth naturally. They couldn’t secure me one of the five rooms the Maternidad has to offer. But then what?" (NS, July 2008)

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  • Javier & Mercedes on adopting their sons

    "The first time we saw our sons was the best moment of our is a moment so difficult to describe...when you hold them in your arms for the first time...there are no words to describe it. You think that it was worth being born just to see them and hold them. Even though it isn´t your flesh and blood, it is the same feeling. The bond you have is very special." (Javier & Mercedes, Nov 2008)

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  • Ls experience of natural birth in Madrid

    "I remember thinking that all I wanted to do was go to sleep & start again in the morning but new that in a hospital this was not an option. So I was moved to a white box room & this is when everything started to get out of hand...I prefer not to go into detail but can say that I was treated like a body rather than a person & the priority for the team was to get the baby out with no regard for the fact that I was a woman giving birth to a baby. I have never been treated with such disrespect in my life! " (Jan 2010)

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  • Lucy Hales on giving birth in Madrid

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    "To be honest like everything in Spain, once you work out the system the care is very good, its just getting your head round the differences. And the care for older children is excellent with annual check ups meaning that there is far more access to preventative medicine." (LH, Sept 2009)

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  • Nina Onsrud on her home birth in Sitges

    "I would like to mention that in order to do a homebirth, one has to get in touch with midwifes right from the beginning in order to get to know each other , and to build up a relationship, to let them know about your fears and your desires, so that the birthing experience can be all that it should be. I think that the advice for mums to be in Spain is to be very clear with their Gynecologist about what kind of birth experience they would like. And if they do not feel that they are getting the attention that they need, change gynaecologist. Ask a friend for a referral. It is your right to choose how you would like the birth to unfold." (NO)

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  • Loukia in Madrid on adoption

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    "It is a strange moment: You are jet lagged, excited to the point of bursting, you have spent 3 years imagining this moment, you have 2 cameras with you to record the moment for posterity and then somebody whose face you dont even see thrusts a screaming baby in your arms and disappears. You forget every thing and all that matters is to calm and reassure that poor child that is crying inconsolably in your arms. You and your 3 years of imagining go out the window, and all that you care about is that she feel safe and loved.." (Loukia on seeing her adopted daughter for the first time, March 2009)

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  • Anonymous interview regarding a termination in spain

    "As soon as we got the phone call summoning us down for the results of the triple screen I began to fear the worst - much as I hoped it was just an iron deficiency or something. We were told that the triple screen had shown a one in 108 risk of a genetic disorder, which is very high; for my age it should be one in 1000 or something. We were sent to the hospital in Granada for an amneocentesis which we had agreed to without hesitation as the risk of miscarriage is very low." (Anon, Aug 2009)

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  • Sandra Europe on her recovery in Spain after life_threatening surgery

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    "Before the accident I was similar to a runaway train, never giving myself time to relax, always working. I have had the experience now of helplessness then I had to let go and accept. I feel there is a lot more to life and if we just let go and accept everything that happens to us we actually enjoy life a lot more as everything does happen for a reason!" (SE, Dec 2010)

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  • Sylvia Baker in Mallorca on adopting her daughter

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    "Lily at 2 could hardly walk, was malnourished and had trust issues. The first time we saw her was lovely and it was Sunday the 3rd of May (mother’s day in Spain) and she was wearing a little pinafore and clips in her hair. The overwhelming feeling at that time was the helplessness at leaving behind all the other children…we just wanted to bring them all back!"  (SB, April 2010)

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  • Suffering a miscarriage in Barcelona _ Anonymous Story

    "Miscarriage is every woman’s worse nightmare, it’s something that as a newly pregnant woman is ever present in the back of your mind yet really, deep down, you never think it’s actually going to happen to you. But then it does, not once, but twice. To add to this bitter injustice is the fact that you are not in your home country. The medical team, whose care you are in, do not speak your language. Your nearest and dearest, your mother, your sister, your oldest best friend, are all in another country. It is the most isolating, desolate feeling. Not only have you lost your baby but the people that you would cling to for moral support are not nearby."  (Anon, Sept 2010)

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