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Activities in English - International Institute Library

Activities at the Library are free for Library members and has a symbolic cost of 3€ per session or 25€ the cycle for non-members. Activites are held once per month from October until June. The activity leaders are always Americans and usually teachers of the English Department. There are three different activities for children:
Library Storytelling Mornings - Storytelling for kids between the ages of 4 – 8. One Saturday per month with two sessions in the same day: 11 h. (all in English, for advanced English learners) and 12 :30 h. (bilingual, for intermediate English learners).
Readers’ Theater - Readers’ theater activity for kids between the ages of 9 and 12 (4º - 6º Primaria). One Friday per month at 18 h. -Sceens for Teens
Improvisational writing and acting for teens from 13 to 15 using English and short films. One Monday per month at 17:30 h.
Biblioteca Instituto Internacional 
Miguel Angel, 8 28010 Madrid Teléfono: 91 308 16 74

"My two daughters (10 and 5) regularly attend the iie library activities for their age, and they really enjoy them! For children, both readers theatre ((9-12 year-olds) and storytelling mornings (4 to 8) are entertaining and enriching. People conducting the activities are great story-tellers and very enthusiastic about what they do, so children are always looking forward to going to the next session!. The library has activities for all ages, scenes for teens for 13-15 year-old children , and graphic novel book club for children >16 look also interesting and give children the opportunity to grow in a real fun environment in English. The library also has activities for adults. I go once a month to an English reading circle which gives me the opportunity to get to know new writers and to enjoy literature in a very motivating and relaxed way. I strongly recommend the IIE library activities!!" (IS-S, Nov 2013)