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Classes & Courses for Kids

Here we have listed classes, courses and workshops for kids in Madrid. Everything from arts & crafts and cake making to swimming and sewing. Please do let us know if you have any more recommendations.

  • Kids & Us School of English

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Various centres in and around Madrid. They offer courses in English to kids up to 9 years of age. See the website for types of courses and locations.
    Tel: 902 934023

  • Learn & Play

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Learn & Play run classes for children of all ages in English, German and Chinese. They also run other workshops including cooking in English, sports in English and Robotics. See their website for more information.
    Calle Damaso Alonso, 30
    28806 Alcalá de Henares

  • English for Fun

    Recommended by Virginia Pérez-Orive

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Fun way to learn English for children.
    Calle del Darro 5 – Zona Chamartin (El Viso)
    Tel: 91 441 22 33

    "My son Martin (3) goes regularly to these English classes in Madrid, and for the first couple of weeks he thought he was actually going to a birthday party!! Thats how much fun they have!!! They start out singing and dancing (by the way with their own microphones.. how cool is that!) , and afterwards they do their game-lessons, which are always based on a particular theme (like animals, transportation, or weather and seasons, etc..) Jill, their teacher, who is just wonderfull and sooooo patient and enthusiastic, always rewards them with a sticker, when ever they say something correctly. She also has all sorts of prizes for them at the end of the class. The kids really look forward to speaking in English because they know if they get it right there is fun stuff coming along. They also get to paint and do all sorts of arts and crafts. The kids have to ask for all materials in english otherwise they dont get them. Oh and one thing I love, is that please, thank you or you are welcome always are part of the sentence. There is always a cooking sesion towards the end of the class, right when the kids start to loose interest and this gets their atention back in track, since they get to do the cooking!!!! Can you imagine a group of three year olds cooking!! They really love pouring whatever it is that has to be poured in a bowl and stirring up the ingredients etc...At the same time the kids are learning all the food words involved, where it comes from, plus the cutlery words. The name says it all it is "English for fun ", but I would add the word learning. It is fun learning. It is not just about having a good time, the expresions and words actually stick in there. And I have to say my son really surprises me with his english. Just the other day at the beach when I finished my part of the sand castle, Martin said "Good Job!!" And I thought good job Jill!"

  • Craft and Class

    Recommended by Mabel Alvarez Giay

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Craft and Class is an innovative and original way of teaching English to children. The classes are interactive and fun and the only language spoken is English. They can also hold birthday parties on Saturdays.
    Mon-Fri 11am until 2.30pm and 4.40pm to 8.30pm
    Calle juan de austria, 24 Madrid, 28010 telf. 91 59 19 750és-creativo-para-niños

    "The main purpose of these classes is to teach English to kids of different ages (3 to 12), although it is also an excellent way of developing art and craft skills. It is not a traditional class, as kids just do all sort of crafts in English. It is an amazing way of developing oral skills and learning new vocabulary in English but also an excellent way of working on their art and craft skills.  The art and crafts projects are fun and very creative. They focus on a different theme each month (eg, Spring, bugs, Halloween, Chinese New Year, etc). They also paint pictures in the style of famous painters and learn from other cultures. The two women in charge of the class are very professional and they ensure that the kids are happy there, while learning new things. Kids just adore them!  My daughter started when she was 2 (she is now 4). We are not an English speaking home (we are actually a German/Spanish home), but thanks to this class she can communicate successfully in English with other kids and adults as well. We are also amazed at the things she produces every week. And last but not least, kids just love going there. My daughter goes twice a week, although she wishes she could go every day. I would recommend it to families wishing their kids to learn or improve their English, to English-speaking kids who just arrived to Madrid or even to perfectly bilingual kids who just want to have fun and develop their craft skills. I hope other mums get the chance to know and enjoy this place as much as we do. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. As you may see, I am very enthusiastic about this place!" (MAG, June 2009)

  • Swimming Lessons

    Recommended by Georgina Sanchez

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Cnjimenez offers swimming lessons for children from the age of 18 months. There are 2 indoor heated swimming pools and one outdoor one open only in the summer. They also offer courses for pregnant women and birthday parties.
    Club Natacion Jimenez, Parque del Conde de Orgaz, Avda. de los Madroños, 23 28043 Madrid

  • Vanania World

    Recommended by Mayte Bohada

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Vanania World offers English classes for children from age 2 to adults in a relaxing environment. They give the same importance to education and the fun aspects of teaching/learning. Classes are given by native teachers and in small groups. They also offer different subjects workshops on Saturdays including storytelling, reinforcement classes and exam preparation. They also work as an academy for adults who want to come to classes at the same time as their children.
    There are 3 centres:
    C/Valderrodrigo 62 (metro Antonio Machado)
    Alcobendas: c/Marqués de la Valdavia 101, local 2
    LibreríaEl Reino de Bután, c/Francisco Ayala, 1
    Tel: 654 64 67 42 / 91 169 40 38

    "My daughter is completely delighted coming to Vanania World classes and fun activities, she comes happy to the classes and when she leaves she doesnt stop singing their english songs. And we can also attend english classes at the same time for adults!. Saturday workshops is another Vanania World activity that we like and where she has lots of  fun, learning different vocabulary through games and crafts."

  • Pepa Luna

    Recommended by Imke Buttkus

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Pepa Luna is a children’s shop that offers a space for parents and children (up to ten) to play together. In the shop you will find children’s books disguises, and games. They run a variety of workshops for kids.
    Calle Potosi 7, 28013 Tel: 91 457 39 71 Metro Columbia

    "Pepa Luna offers English speaking theatre for kids, reading nights, paint classes and organizes birthday parties. They also have a number of good toys and books." (IB)

  • Teté CaféCostura

    Recommended by Harriet Browning

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Sewing & design workshops for kids
    C/ San Pedro nº 7 , 28014 Madrid
    Tel: 913 600 019


    "This quirky fabric store/boutique/learning space is unique. Situated near Las Huertas, it caters for anyone interested in craft and vintage. The space is host to dozens of workshops, ranging from Fashion Men Workshop to Lady Gaga Halloween Make-Up and many Japanese crafts, including sushi-making and origami. There are also courses where children can learn some basics, and you can rent a sewing-machine, in-store. I believe they also hold Vintage Tea-Parties, where you can pop on your best frock and sip daintily!" (HB, Sept 2011)

  • Centro Jugalia

    Recommended by Lilian Levyi

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    The Centro Jugalia in Majadahonda holds many activities for children of all ages. For babies under three years old there is baby-gym and playgroups, for older children there are numerous workshops. You can also hold birthday parties here.
    Travesia de Navaluenga 3, 28221 Majadahonda (+33) 911396530

    "Centro Jugalia has great activities for kids in Majadahonda (Madrid) and many of them are in English.
    " (LL, May 2011)

  • Swimming classes - Colegio Natación Fusión

    Recommended by Judy Rose

    Colegio de Natación y Gimnasio Fusión has 30 years experience teaching babies, children and adults how to swim. ‘Matronatación’ classes (parent and baby) start from 6 months in a chlorine free pool. Consult website for timetable and prices (in Spanish)
    Infanta Mercedes, 92 (Edif. Río Miño) 28020 - Madrid  91570928

    "My three started with 5 months and have been going weekly to classes for over 7 years." (JR, Dec 2008)

  • Star Cakes

    Recommended by Susana Gonzalez

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Marta and her sister make customized cakes, cupcakes and cakepops for all events, but they also teach cake and cupcake decorating. They hold special cupcake workshops just for kids or moms and kids and also do birthday celebrations for children 8 years and over that consist of a cupcake decorating workshop and a snack. The "Mommy and me" workshops are for kids ages 4 and up accompanied by and adult. These workshops can be held in Spanish or English.
    C/Alcorisa 83 (just round the corner from "EL Palacio de Hielo" shopping mall and a 5 minute walk from Canillas subway stop on line 4)
    675 63 76 23

    I attended one of Star Cakes workshops over the Christmas Holidays. My son and I had so much fun learning to make a polar bear and Santa Clause out of sugar paste. The best part for me was getting the opportunity to share the experience with my four year old son. The best part for him was eating all our hard work on a cupcake. We also met other mums and kids that, like us, dont have that many English speaking friends. After the class, we spoke to Laura and it seems they can build a "customized" workshop for small groups of kids or mums and kids where you can choose what you want to learn. I totally recommend it. My son Hector and I will certainly try again in the spring.€ (SG, March 2014)

  • Pekids 

    Recommended by Rowena Stevens

    Books, DVDs, educational games, story telling and many, many workshops organized for parents with young babies and for children up to 12 years old. Check their online events calendar.
    Avenida Conde de Mayalde, 33 Local 7