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How to Work With a Relocation Firm When Moving Abroad

Deciding to move abroad is without a doubt one of the boldest decisions one could make. Leaving behind everything you know and love sure takes a lot of courage. A transition like this, however, requires a reliable and trustworthy partner. One that will help you perform the move safely and without inflicting any damage to your personal possessions. A partner like this could be none other than a removal company. These firms are fast, effective and great experts in what they do. However, there are certain rules one has to follow when working with a relocation company for the planning of an international move.

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    A good start
    Devote enough time to choosing the right removal and storage company. An international relocation is a serious business, so you need to make sure you will be working with the best. Open the yellow pages, or even better – go online and scan around. The best method to get some insight about your future relocation partner is to read the reviews about them, which other customers have written. This is how you will know if the company has left many people satisfied and if they are really reliable.

    Get the contacts
    Once youve already chosen the company you will be working with, visit their office and get all their contact information. You will most probably have a personal agent, so get his/her contact info as well. Start the relationship on a more positive note. The agent is there to help you the best s/he can, so, dont be too harsh or judgmental.

    Know when they are available
    Be informed on when and how it is OK to get in touch with your agent. A lot of tasks have to be completed not within working hours, especially in case you start working immediately. Upon arrival.

    Learn the rates
    Needless to say, this is vital. Moving to a different country is not like moving a few blocks south. Prices tend to vary depending on distance, total weight of cargo, additional services and so on. Thoroughly discuss the financial matter in advance, asking about what the company tends to charge for. You wouldnt want any unpleasant surprises, would you?

    А lot of people find it difficult to bargain, as its not in their blood, so to say. However, some companies tend to make certain discounts for more serious services. And moving abroad is definitely one. The bigger the overall price, the bigger discount you can get.

    Ask about equipment
    Since your whole home will be traveling thousands miles, you have to be sure that the companys moving vans/trucks are well equipped to ensure your personal belongings a safe transition. Be sure to visit the moving companys headquarters in order to see their vehicles. The pictures on their website could be misleading.

    Know the insurance options
    You are probably well aware of how risky this enterprise is. Thats why it never hurts to be over-prepared. And what can reassure you better than an insurance? A lot of the removal companies offer insurance policies that you will find appealing. However, if they dont offer an insurance option, contact a professional insurance company.

    Leave everything to the professionals
    As much as you might want to save some money on different aspects of the moving, it would be better not to do so. It is not an undertaking that happens frequently during ones life, so there is no point in trying to save money off of it. Let the movers even do the packing for you. After all, a professional will surely do the job better.

    Inform yourself about documentation

    Since your private belongings will be crossing borders, you will have to ask your moving company whether you are going to need any specific documents. Sometimes it depends on the certain countrys border control, but be sure to ask in advance 

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