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Moving to Spain

Opening a bank account

Both Residents and non-residents are able to open a bank account in Spain. Here we guide you through the process and also help you with the documentation you might need

  • Opening a bank account

    If you plan on staying in Spain for longer than six months, you will probably need a bank account. For foreigners in Spain, there are two types of bank accounts: resident and non-resident accounts

    According to Spanish law, to be considered a resident, a person must live in Spain for more than half the year, be based in Spain for professional reasons or have a spouse or child under 18 who are permanent residents.

     To open the account the following is required:
    * photographic proof of identity (passport or ID card)
    * proof of occupation or status (employment contract/payslip, letter from accountant/lawyer, pension or disability payment confirmation, student card).
    * NIE number
    * confirmation of addres  (utility bill, driving licence or council tax bill; issued within the last 3 months)
    If you have all the above, you should be able to open an account immediately although it make take a few days for cards & cheque books to come through.

    What do the numbers mean on my account?
    Your account will always have 20 numbers


    * The first four numbers are the Entity (entidad) = The bank with whom the account is held. Always four digits
    * The second two numbers are the Branch (sucursal or oficina) = The number of the branch where the account is held. Always four digits
    * The next two numbers are the Control Digit (Dígito Control, or D.C.) = An internal bank code. Always two digits
    * The final 10 numbers are the account Number (número de cuenta) = The personal account number. Always ten digits