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International Schools

A list of the Balearics International Schools as recommended to us by MumAbroad members. We are constantly updating our International Schools section so we would really appreciate your comments

  • The Academy International School, Mallorca

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    The Academy is a non-denominational, international school, set in the heart of the Majorcan countryside with 15,999 square metres of land including: tennis court, swimming pool, play parks, football field and orchard. School animals include: horses, dogs, cats and one very large tortoise. The Teaching medium is English, other languages taught are Spanish, Catalan and German.The children follow the British National Curriculum which incorporates a wide spectrum of subjects and topics. Majority of the students are British, Spanish or German. Ages 2-16 years.The school has been inspected by the Cambridge University Examination Board and is a recognised examination centre, offering IGCSE examinations.

    Son Ametler Vell, 16, Marraxti, Mallorca
    Postal Address: Apartado 120, 07141 Marratxi
    (+34) 971605008

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    "The school’s philosophy is based on the term “Education” in the widest possible sense. We aim to bring the joy of learning to each child in our school community. It is very important to us that each child grows in The Academy with a high self esteem, confidence in their abilities, compassion and respect for others and responsibility towards the environment" (CM, May 2010)

    Click here to read the full interview with headteacher Clare Mooney

  • The Baleares International School

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    The Baleares International School was founded 1957. Children are accepted from the age of three years and remain at the school until they have completed their advanced level examinations. Teaching staff are fully qualified in their fields, the great majority having completed their training in Britain. The school follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales, and in addition includes Spanish language (from age 6), German language (from age 10) and French language (from 14). Located in the Palma suburb of San Agustin the B.I.S. occupies three acres and includes a large library, science laboratories, computer centre, art room, music room and dining hall and possesses a basket ball court. Games are taught at a local fully equipped sports centre.

    The academic programme prepares children for the Key Stages tests, for the IGCSE examinations and for A-levels in a wide range of subjects. In addition, pupils may prepare and sit American tests (PSAT, SAT, TOEFL and Advanced Placements in various subjects). The school is also a centre for the SSAT. The Baleares International School is accredited by the Spanish Ministry of education based upon inspection by the British HMI, and its academic offering is also suited to the completion of credits towards a graduation that permits pupils to enter the American system of education.
    Cabo Mateu Coch, 17, San Agustin
    Postal Address: 07015 Palma De Mallorca
    (+34) 971403161

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  • Bellver International College

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Bellver International College founded in 1950 is a non-denominational, co-educational day school, authorised by both the British Department for Education and the Spanish Ministry of Education. The modern premises include two laboratories, gymnasium, hall, library, art and Information Technology rooms. Close to the beach, the college is situated in a residential area 3 km from Palma.

    Bellver adopts a combined pragmatic and academic philosophy which encourages its pupils to participate in a wide spectrum of academic studies, varied learning experiences and individual programmes of achievement. Teaching is in English, but English/Spanish bilingual. French, German and Catalán are also offered. An examination centre for the Universities of Cambridge and London, a British style tuition prepares pupils for I.G.C.S.E. (15 subjects), A.I.C.E. (15 subjects) and A Level. Spains Baccalaureate and University entrance exams can also be taken.
    98% of students go to universities of Spain, Europe or America.
    Bellver was granted the prestigious University of Cambridge International Fellowship Centre award in 2002 and is the only school in Spain with this recognition.
     C./ José Costa i Ferrer, 5 Marivent - Calamayor
     Postal Address: 07015 Palma De Mallorca
    (+34) 971401679/404263

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  • Morna International College

    Recommended by Jason Ham

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Morna International College, a co-educational day school was founded in 1973 as Morna Valley School. Well qualified teachers, mostly from the United Kingdom, work with small classes and the very favourable student: teacher ratio ensures a high degree of individual attention. High standards of work and behaviour are demanded at all times. There is no school uniform.
    Morna International College opened its present site in September 2004. The grounds are south facing and wooded. The accommodation includes twenty classrooms, specialized rooms for, music, art, information technology and science, a dining room and a library.
    The nursery has its own premises. This comprises of 3 classrooms, a kitchen, a resource room and patios / gardens. The zone is fenced and secure. Children are admitted from 2 years old.
    There are 35,000 m² of land comprising a multi purpose sports court (Tennis, Basketball, Football and a mini-basket) and an outdoor theatre of 1,150 m². The primary school has a play park designed for them by the staff.
    The academic programme closely follows the National Curriculum (England & Wales). Secondary students are prepared for the International General Certificate of Education at the age of 16 and the General Certificate of Education, Advanced Level, at 18. These examinations are validated by the Local Examinations Syndicate of the University of Cambridge, England. The College is subject to regular inspection by British inspectors and the Spanish Ministry of Education. Secondary students receive specialist advice on career and university options.
    The principal language of instruction is English, but a notable feature of the Morna programme is that all students study both Spanish and German at either foreign language or native langusge level. There is additional language and learning support for students who need it.
    Apartado 333
    Postal Address: 07814 Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza, Baleares
     (+34) 971197672

    "We moved to Ibiza from London in September of 2012 and 3 days after our move our 4 year old son started school at Morna. Luckily for us the school and the nursery teachers were fantastic and he loved it from day 1. He had a fantastic first year and the school is currently in the middle of a huge investment process which will soon see state-of-the art dance and music studios available to pupils. It is located near beautiful Santa Gertrudis and surrounded by forests and an animal farm. Our 2 year old son is already signed up to start next year!" (JH, Oct 13)

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  • Queens College

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Occupying an idyllic location overlooking the bay of Palma, nearby woodland and Bellver Castle, Queens College was founded in 1977 as an English medium school At present approximately 300 pupils ranging from 3 to 18 years attend, the majority of who are either British or Spanish. The school is an inspected and approved member of the National Association of British Schools in Spain it welcomes continuing inspection from the Association through its British inspectors (former H.M I ) as well as from the Spanish Ministry of Education (M.E.C.). Success in public examinations is seen as an essential target and although proud of its academic achievement, the school provides education in its broadest sense, encouraging and enabling pupils to lead full, happy lives, with positive contributions to make to any society in which they may find themselves.
    A British curriculum is followed leading eventually to GCSE and GCE A level examinations. At present a range of some 18 main subjects is offered. Alongside the British curriculum, selected components of the official Spanish curriculum are offered to Spanish students and others capable of studying in both languages. This dual programme of studies is fully convalidated by the Spanish Ministry of Education for both foreign and Spanish students. All teaching staff have recognised degrees and/or teaching qualifications from their respective countries and at least 5 years teaching experience. Facilities include 18 classrooms, science laboratory, library, computer room, multi-function hall, dining room and playground. The school year is divided into 3 terms starting early September and finishing mid June The school day runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p m optional services include school lunch and transportation. Entry to the school is normally through school, assessment and a satisfactory report from the pupils previous school.
    Juan de Saridakis, 64
    # Postal Address: 07015, Palma De Mallorca

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  • King Richard III College

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    King Richard III College is an independent, non-denominational day school which provides a complete education for children from Reception to Year 13. The school follows The English National Curriculum from Reception through IGCSE to A Levels, and is an Examination Centre for the University of Cambridge. A broad and well-balanced curriculum is provided, and the school is regularly inspected by both British and Spanish (Ministry of Education) inspectors. In addition to full authorisation from the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS), the school is also authorised by the Spanish education authorities to offer a parallel Spanish programme for native and advanced students of the language, leading to university entrance.
    Facilities include two well-equipped science laboratories, a large Information and Communication Technology Department equipped with 24 networked computers, a Specialist Art and Graphic Design Centre, including Photography Dark Room, a modern and spacious Library, Music and Drama Department, Dining Hall and Sports Court.
    Calle Oratorio 4
    Postal Address: 07181 Portals Nous , Mallorca,
    Telephone: 971 675850

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  • CP Puig de sa Morisca

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image


    Pre-school & Primary school. The main aims of the school are focused on the language teaching process. A very practical language teaching is used improve oral comprehension and expression in Catalan, Spanish and English and to communicate in these three languages when finishing their primary studies.
    Every teacher of the school acts as a monolingual speaker when talking to pupils in any situation and not only during the formal teaching process - this is why there are Catalan, Spanish and English speaking teachers in each level, from pre-school to 6th degree.
    Avda. Puig de Sa Morisca sn 07180 Sta. Ponça, Illes Balears (+34) 971699247


  • Àgora Portals, Mallorca

    Recommended by Gerda Schmidt

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Àgora Portals is a private school, receiving no public grant aid, that belongs to the NACE group of educational centres. The education they give is marked by their commitment to educational innovation and high academic and social performance, without renouncing the idea of giving personalised attention to all their pupils and to meeting their needs. They propose a tri-lingual education, mixed and non-confessional, respecting the beliefs of every family and open to an enriching process of dialogue.
    Carretera Vella d Antratx, s/n, 07181, Calvia (Portals Nous), Mallorca
    (+34) 971 684042

    "My youngest (11) has just moved to the Agora school, newly opened in Costa del Blanes. The concept has been going for over 20 years on the mainland and they hope to be the first school to offer International Baccalaureate to their pupils in Mallorca. The daily school routine involves speaking three languages (English, Spanish and Catalan) and learning a musical instrument. He loves it!" (KN)

  • Mestral

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Founded in 2001, the Mestral School in Eivissa has set itself high standards. A strict selection process is designed to maintain their educational standards, based not only on the candidates performance to date, but also on meetings with parents and their children. The headmaster, Vicente Guimera Ribas, tells us that  no pupil has ever failed to pass their final exams since the school was founded. Care is taken to ensure that class sizes are kept significantly below the state school average. In 2006, the school offered both ESO and bachillerato exams. The school has now extended its curriculum to cater for pre-school children from 3-5. The language used for lessons is equally divided between Castilliano and Catalan. Pupils with insufficient language skills receive extra lessons. Three school buses provide transport to and from the islands main towns. Contact the school for details of application process and fees.
    Calle de la Aubarca, 14, 07800, Ibiza. Tel: 971 194 576

  • College Francais Arago dIbiza

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    This semi-private school was founded in 1975 and is subsidised by the French government. Students can currently attend the school up to ESO level. The school specialises in language teaching. There are intensive courses in Castilian, Catalan and English. The standard classroom language is French, with the exception of music and sport lessons, which are in Spanish. The school also provides language courses for children with little or no knowledge of the French language. A school bus service provides transport to the college from Eivissa. Contact the school for details of application process and fees.
    Carreterra Sant Josep KM 2,300, 07830, Sant Josep De Sa Talaia. Tel: 971 395 250 Cathy, Secrétaire de direction

  • Palma College

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Palma College is a dedicated sixth form college, not only offering a wide choice of academic and vocational subjects, but also a comprehensive enrichment programme that is not available from any other educational provider on Mallorca. The College is based in the heart of Mallorca’s historic town of Palma.
    Carrer Can Veri 5
07001 Palma de Mallorca

    +34 971724083

    Click here to read an interview with founders Ali Lawrence and Jill Witkamp