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Home Schooling in Spain

For those disillusioned with the Spanish system and not wanting to educate their children in an international school, home education is a real alternative. Home educating is yet to take off in Spain with many Spanish considering it illegal or harmful for childrens social and educational development. We are currently developing this section and would love to hear any stories from mums who currently home educate


  • Crecer Sin Escuela

    Recommended by Education Otherwise Association

    Crecer Sin Escuela is recognised by the Education Otherwise Association in Europe as a point of contact in Spain for families who wish to teach to their children at home. They have an active Yahoo! discussion group with over 500 members

  • Educar en Familia

    Recommended by Education Otherwise Association

    Educar en Familia is a Catalan association for the recognition and regulation of homeschooling. They organise a number of meetings and serve as a support group for families educating in Catalunya

  • Interview with Home Educator Sharon Gunning

    "Well, really, all parents are the first educators of their children. We dont take our children to school to learn to walk and talk, do we? These are 2 very important skills that they lean from us and we usually do a good job! I am sure there are kds who are not suited to homeschooling in the same way that there are kids who are not suited to other forms of schooling, including conventional schooling. That said, I really believe that we know our own kids better than a newly-qualified 25-year-old, fresh out of teaching school, for example. At the end of the day, according to the Spanish constitution, we are the educators of our children. If we decide to send them to be academically educated by others, all well and good. But, we need to remember that we are responsible for our kids education. There is no point sending our kids to school and expecting them to educate them-school is only part (and a small part at that) of the job." (SG, April 10)

    Click here for the full interview with Sharon Gunning

  • Association for Home Education in Spain

    Recommended by Sharon Gunning

    The Association for Free Education or ALE as it is known in Spanish brings together families and individuals who believe that homeschooling is an appropriate and responsible choice for their children. Their goal is to  accomplish, in Spain, the same status that home educaiton receives in other EU countries and America and appeal to the basic rights of liberties recognized in the Spanish Constitution which states that everyone has the right to education. and that basic education is compulsory and free. They believe it is their right to offer home education as a diversity of educational responsibility. Throughout the year ALE offers support to homeeducators, puts them in contact with other families in their area and also holds numerous events and courses throughout Spain

  • Young Minds Abroad

    Recommended by Caroline Smith

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Young Minds Abroad is a parent/based educational site to help parents keep up their children’s English reading and writing skills when living overseas. It includes interviews with experts, spelling help, writing ideas and a forum.


    ”Parents are busy, and thinking of fun ideas to help encourage children to do a little extra reading and writing practice can be hard – even when we want to. Where Young Minds Abroad is different from many other educational sites, is that it comes up with those ideas and presents them in a way that is straightforward to use and time efficient. Even doing a small amount regularly can help improve English literacy confidence in expat children attending local language schools. Also, parents need to talk about education, especially when they are living overseas, and YMA provides expert interviews on this and an informal meeting point for us to discuss our worries too”  (CS, Jan 2012)