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International Nurseries

A list of Madrids International nurseries as recommended to us by our members.  If you would like to recommend an International nursery,  please do let us know by sending us your comments 

  • British Prince School

    Recommended by Young Ji

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

     British Prince School offers a high quality British education for children between the ages of 2 to 6. All ages follow the requirements of the National British Curriculum.
    C/López Santos nº 1. Las Rozas de Madrid, 28231 ( 34) 916409077

    "I’m from Korea and a mum of a 3 and a half-year-old girl. Since the beginning of this year, like other mummies in Spain, I’d been looking for a good school where my daughter could be well guided as a desirable child. In the mean time, I got to know the British Prince School. On visiting the place, I found out this is the one! The school was perfectly renovated and all set for welcoming new students. What I like most is that teachers make a close observation of each student in and out of the classroom. All the teachers are out there to supervise them at the time of recess or playing in the ground not only for the safety issues but also for suggesting them the ideal way to get along well with other students. I strongly believe that children learn languages through interacting with their peers and teachers. Now it’s been only 2 months, but my daughter is quite keen on learning English and while playing with dolls, she use English and try to mimic what her teacher says in the classroom. To say nothing of keep singing all the nursery rhymes. If you are one of the mums who are interested in the English education in a friendly setting, I’m sure you will find your solution here in the British Prince School like me" (YJ, June 2009)

    Click here to read an interview with the pre-schools Director

  • Montessori Madrid

    Recommended by Sonya Dowsett

    A small, bilingual Guarderia for children aged 0 to 6 years in the centre of Madrid that follows the Montessori method. Emphasis placed on respecting each childs individuality, with low child/adult ratios. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the school.
    C/Raimundo Lulio 10, Madrid 28010 , 628054313

    Member of

    Click here to read an interview with the Director

  • Orgaz

    Recommended by Maria Hurley

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    British preschool for children ages 1-6 years. Based on the British National Curriculum with native English teachers and bilingual classroom assistant. Modern, well equipped facilities
    C/Frascuelo, 2. , 913889355

    "Facilities-wise, I don’t think you will find better - they have their own heated swimming pool, a huge gym, a vast patio with those lovely rubber squares on the ground so they dont get hurt and a smaller patio for the little ones, as well as big bright cheerful spotless classrooms, all with computer facilities. They are very flexible as well, eg if you only want your child to do a half day, or take him out early on a friday etc, there is no problem.
    Swimming, judo, gym and music are all included in the time-table, but they also offer extra classes in these subjects as well as extra classes in ballet, chess, chinese etc. They also offer pregnancy swimming classes and mommy and baby swimming classes to the public. There is a doctor on-site and a very nice child psycologist who keeps a very close eye on everything and is very helpful with issues such as if your child is not eating well etc.
    They really encourage parental involvement - there is a show every semester, an open class (where you go in and watch them being taught by the teacher!) a swimming gala (where they are presented with their swimming medals!) and all sorts of activities going on all the time. I have to say I think it is just the most wonderful little school ever! Our little boy is so very happy there - he even starts asking for his teacher during the holidays! He literally runs into school in the mornings and I have to drag him out in the afternoons. It’s so bright and cheerful and happy. The only sad thing is that they have to leave when they are 6! But at least they will have had the best time until then! And they do give advice on what would be a good follow-on school for your child" 
    (MH, May 08)

  • Sol y Luna

    Recommended by Diane Jividen

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    English is the sole language spoken at this nursery. Flexible timetable. Gymnastics, theatre, dance and art and music classes offered. From 4 months to 3 years.
    Autora Soria area (+34)917489003

    "My daughter loved it from the moment she got there (started w/10 months until 3 yrs) Time flies! WOW! The educational system at Sol and Luna is so positively unique; I would think that it is the only monolingual (only English) "guardería" in Madrid. They treat all the children as their own! I only wish that they would have had more courses, so that Sophia could have continued her education there!" (DJ, Feb 08)


  • Mi Primer Cole

    Recommended by Joy Mackie


    Nursery school with garden for children aged 1 to 5 with English and Spanish speaking teachers.
    Learn through play philosophy. Lots of activities offered.
    C/ Guaudalquivir 16. 91 7451791

    "Small and very friendly. The school is modern and bright inside. Outside it has a lovely garden. Excellent staff."


  • El Ardal

    Recommended by Tania Thompson

    Spanish nursery for children
    Senda Ardal 4, 28708 San Sebastian De Los Reyes (+34) 916237526

    “El Ardal” is unique. Their curriculum is based on creativity and fun. Music, art and drama are part of the weekly agenda. English is taught by native English teachers through play every day. The installations include a heated swimming pool and large shaded garden. When I met the Director, Paloma, I knew immediately this was the place and that Arabella and Cameron would be very happy and fulfilled here." (TT, July 08)

  • Colegio Nervion

    Recommended by Melissa Luther

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Small family-centred private nursery offering classes in English to children aged 4 months to 3 years. Pupils also receive basic education in Spanish. Flexible timetable offered
    C/Serrano nº 170 - C/nervión 2, 4, 10 28002 - Madrid (+34) 915623030 / 915617750 Metro Republica Argentina


  • Projardin Retiro

    Recommended by Melissa Luther

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Spanish nurseries for children aged 0 to 3 years. There are 13 nurseries in all in Madrid. The Retiro nursery has spacious well equipped rooms. Offers music and English activities Groups are small. Authorized by the Comunidad de Madrid
    "RETIRO I" y "RETIRO II", Plaza del Dr. Laguna, 5 y 6, 28009 Madrid (+34) 914090968

  • Las Nubes

    Recommended by Matea Herrera

    Las Nubes is a public nursery for children
    C/ Antonio de Nebrija 7 y 9 (+34) 915012443

    "Young energetic staff, an innovative and fun environment for small children" (MH, Aug 2009)

  • Chiquitin Embajadores

    Recommended by Matea Herrera

    C/ Sebastian Elcano16 ,Local
    28012 Madrid - 638 20 63 59
    "My daughter attends the new Chiqui Tín nursery on Sebastián Elcano, by Metro Embajadores (there are many others Chiquitines in Madrid) and is delighted with the school (so am I). It is in Spanish though they do have some English once a day. It is for 0-3 years. The facilities are all new and built to cater to the little ones. All classrooms have large windows to the outside, very clean and brightly decorated. There is a little playground outside with slides, baby bikes, playhouses, etc. The teachers are all very loving and each day focuses on one or two elements to learn, through reading stories, doing crafts, singing, etc. The meals are all based on the Mediterranean diet and include plenty of veggies, fish and fruit. The bathrooms have child-sized toilets and sinks. The doors are specially made so they cannot slam on a childs fingers and wall corners are padded. Unlike many Spanish "guarderías" parents are welcomed inside and can go in and out as they please. All classrooms have video cameras that record all day and at a specific hour each day you can go online and enter your username and password to watch your child in her classroom for an hour. Then that hour is saved on their site which you can view at any time. The teacher writes in a special notebook what your child did that, along with what and how much they ate and how long they napped, as well as any other observations. Many after school activities for older kids too. When I arrived in Madrid I was worried I would not find such a happy place to put my daughter, as many of the daycares I looked at were extremely depressing. We got lucky we found then and that that they had availability. The general site is " (MH, May 08)

  • Los Piños

    Recommended by Anne Lennon

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    Spanish nursery for children aged 0 to 3 years in the centre of the Salamanca district. Flexible timetable. Accommodating staff. Big outdoor patio for kids to play in. Authorized by the Comunidad de Madrid.
    Calle Jose Celestino Mutis 38, 28028 Madrid  (+34) 917250769

    "My son went here in the afternoons to give him a basic understanding of Spanish. Staff were friendly. Groups in the afternoon were smaller. Unfortunately there are no open-classes for the parents to sit in on or any real parent involvement encouraged" (AL, July 09)

  • The British Nursery

    Recommended by Alithia

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    The British Nursery is a British infant school situated in Pozuelo which offers 15 years experience in English teaching, where children learn English by means of total immersion in the English language.
    The high level of English provides pupils with fluency, spontaneity and an accent which can only be acquired at a very early age. The nursery is authorised by the Conserjería de Educación de la Comunidad de Madrid and is a registered British School (NABSS)
    Many of our students go on the study at other local British and American schools such as The British Council, Kensington School and the American School of Madrid. Ages 1-6. Qualified UK teachers.
    Vía Dos Castillas 23, Chalet 21. Azata Club.
    28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) (+34) 913512672

    "My daughters thoroughly enjoyed their schooling in the British Nursery. As an American in Spain I find it great that we can find such excellent pre-schools. I chose the British Nursery for several reasons: Native English speaking staff, safe and clean environment, excellent play areas/classrooms, on-site kitchen, easy access to teachers.For my elder daughter, aged 4, the teachers really were an excellent pair. Such professionalism, dedication is hard to find. My eldest arrived not having done any math, reading, writing at her former school preferred to wait to primary for such learning. After 4 months of work in the Nursery it was amazing how she progressed! She loves learning and going to school at the British Nursery. For my younger daughter, aged 2 when she entered, the British Nursery really reinforced her language skills and brought her to interact with her peers through learning experiences ie. domestic animals - each child brought in pictures to discuss in a group of their pets. She loves to sing all the songs they learn in class and even repeats her daily class activities at home with her dolls!" (Alithea, July 2012)"


  • Todo Niños

    Recommended by Andrea Mateu

    Centro Yoga Om, Vilanova i la Geltru Image

    There are 3 nurseries in this chain in Madrid
    This recommended one is based at Serrano 63 (+34) 914110571 C/Serrano 63 (+34) 914110571 www.todoniñ

    "My 3 year old goes to this nursery. It is bilingual, run by two Spanish sisters. There is an American teacher and a Spanish teacher and the day is split equally in both languages. They are all lovely and my daughter loves them. She is the only English child in her year so she is getting a very good grounding in Spanish but still learning English things. The owners are now setting up a school for the next stage ( 7-11 years ) and it will be run by an English headmaster and will follow the English curriculum. It is not happening for another year I think, but worth asking for more info. It is a private nursery so fees are around 450-500 euros a month, that includes swimming class once a week, all school equipment and stationery plus a good cooked lunch every day" (AM, Jan 09)